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Online Pride Report System Contents. Registration.

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1 Online Pride Report System Contents

2 Registration

3 Access the Florida Key Club Website Then click the OPR page

4 Click the registration link

5 Select your club and then click proceed.

6 Insert your Advisor’s email. Then create a unique password. The Secretary, President, and Advisor need to know the password Your Lt. Governor, Zone Administrator, and District Secretary have your password in case you forget it. Save the information you filled into the boxes.

7 After you register your club, this page will appear. You must complete the OIF before continuing into the OPR system. Save the information before sending the OIF. A complete OIF includes all officer’s and Advisor’s names, email addresses and phone numbers.

8 Once the OIF has been submitted, you are able to fill out Pride Reports, update or view the OIF, and update or view previous Pride Reports.

9 Officer Information Form (OIF)

10 After registering your club, you will be able to login into the OPR system. Select your club, enter your password, and click login to enter your club’s OPR account.

11 You can view or update your OIF here. Make updates to the OIF when officer contact information changes. The OIF is a crucial link between the district and the clubs.

12 Save the information before sending the OIF. A complete OIF includes all officer’s and Advisor’s names, email address and phone numbers. Make sure that all of the email addresses included on the OIF are valid. Without the OIF clubs can not receive vital information to succeed.

13 Pride Reports Due the 10 th of each month

14 First, access the Florida Key Club website’s home page. Then, click on the OPR system link.

15 Once on the OPR system’s log-in page, you need to select your club and then enter your password. If you need help with the OPR system, you can find online instructions here.

16 To start a Pride Report, select the month and year you wish to fill out the report for. Then click “start report”. This is where you can view and update Pride Reports.

17 You should see this page once you click “Start report”. From here you can complete the report.

18 Taking attendance at club meetings will make this box easier to fill out. Be sure “Members in club” corresponds to the number of dues paid members. Meet with your club Treasurer or Faculty Advisor to determine how many members are in the club.

19 If your club has any questions for your Lt. Governor or the District, please leave them in this box or email your question to your Lt. Governor or the Executive Officer who deals with the specific subject matter. Your club can also leave comments. For example: attending divisional events that do not correspond with a service project or other Kiwanis Family meetings.

20 Check with all of your club officers about whether or not they have been contacted by your Lt. Governor. Please fill out this box with the correct information since the information provided in this box tells the District whether or not your Lt. Governor is doing their job correctly.

21 Only projects dealing with The Governor’s Project should be listed here. This year’s Governor’s Project is CAPES. Make sure to include a title and description for the project. Formula for Calculating Total Service Hours Total # of paid members involved X Total # of hours project lasted =Total Number of Service Hours

22 Formula for Calculating Total Service Hours Total # of paid members involved X Total # of hours project lasted = Total Number of Service Hours When listing a project, make sure to have a title and a description of the project.

23 If you need more boxes for service projects, click here. Fundraisers will count as service hours if the funds collected are for charities NOT the individual club. (i.e. Raising money for DCON does NOT count as a service project) If you have more than one instance of a Governor’s Project during the month, place (GP or HP) in these boxes. This will notify the District that your club has done more than one Governor’s project.

24 If you made changes to the above section, make sure to save the changes. Click “Save” if changes were made.

25 To add more projects, fill in this box and then click “Save”. This will add more projects to the report. Once you make changes to the report, make sure to click the “Submit Report” button.

26 You can add additional people to receive the Pride Reports by clicking “Update E-mail Submission List” on the right hand side of the blue OIF box.

27 You can add Class Directors, Committee Chairs, or maybe even the president of your sponsoring Kiwanis Club. The Pride Report is e- mailed to everyone on your club’s Officer Information Form, the District Secretary, your Lt. Governor, and your Zone Administrator. Make sure to click “UPDATE MY INFORMATION” before exiting the page, or the updated information will not be saved.

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