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Royal Online Mtg February 18, 2014 Our Cowgirls Movement.

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1 Royal Online Mtg February 18, 2014 Our Cowgirls Movement

2 Mtg Agenda Welcome and Introduction Review from Last Mtg, Updated Forms & Procedures Current Meeting Overview Fun Video Snipet Our Cowgirls Movement Event Evaluation Form, tracking Questions and Suggestions on Subject Open Questions and Suggestions Wrap-up and Thank Yous Next Online Meeting, April 8th, 8pm (Central Time)

3 Overview Last Mtg Problem: Old applications are being sent in with incomplete information. Without an email address members cannot login to the website and take advantage of point earning features ie. Recipes, poetry. Without access to the website members miss out on members discounts/benefits. Solution: Provide the most updated members application on the website for Queens and Princesses to distribute.

4 Starting a Movement You are the NUT! Now Nurture the Followers

5 Our Cowgirls Rock! Why we are NOT just another riding club we ARE a Movement!

6 Understanding Our Membership Cowgirls Join 40SC: To be a Part of a Movement To be a Member in a Sisterhood without Drama! To Learn from and Mentor each other To Share, to Give and to Receive To be the Followers Share Life Experiences Look for ways to help! You just have to ask!

7 But Dont Stop There!

8 Cowgirls Giving Back More ways than one!

9 Giving Back Financially Donations (money, silent auctions) Food Drives Benefit Trail Rides, Events Private Donations Money/items raised or donated

10 Giving Back of Time Volunteer Time Blood Drives Trail Improvement Projects Equine Rescue Habitat, Boys/Girls Club etc Community Service (volunteered) Humane Society

11 Community Involvement Rodeo Board Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Improvement projects Action Committees School Board Horse Association Committee Meals on Wheels

12 Cowgirls Giving Back Tracking the Effort


14 Our Military Members 40SC Members (Served or Serving) Listing of Members & Branch

15 How Do You See It? (this is an assignment!) What other ways do you see 40SC as a Movement? How do we keep the momentum? What do you feel sets 40SC apart from other organizations? What's working, What's not? Why did you (personally) step up and get involved in 40SC? Because of time restraints and deadlines please email me by 8pm CT, 2/19 That is tomorrow!

16 Questions & Suggestions on Subject and for Next Meeting

17 Open Discussion

18 Thank You! Thanks so much for attending and Thanks so much for what you are doing!! You ARE making a difference! Hope to see you here next month! Next Mtg April 8th, 2014, 6pm (CT)

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