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Exploring Ancient Egyptian Tombs!

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1 Exploring Ancient Egyptian Tombs!
A Virtual Field Trip to Egypt

2 Where Are We Going?

3 What Do You Notice About These Pictures
Similarities, Differences?

4 Before We Start! Read this slide COMPLETELY!
Minimize this PowerPoint so you can see the desktop Find the GoogleEarth Icon It looks like that Double Click to Open it Come back to the PowerPoint

5 Early Tombs The earliest Egyptian tombs were nothing more than small pits dug in the desert

6 Early Tombs: Pit When someone died, they were taken out and buried in the desert

7 Early Tombs: Pit Later on though, as religion grew, the people began to be buried with food and some of their possessions. Why were they buried with food and possessions?

8 The Burial Chambers are the white boxes with blue tops
Early Tombs: Mastabas Eventually though, the Egyptians began to create more elaborate tombs called Mastabas The Burial Chambers are the white boxes with blue tops

9 Early Tombs: Mastabas At first the pharaohs used the Mastabas’s, but later they became used by nobles

10 Early Tombs: Mastabas Go to Google Earth, and in the search bar, copy and paste, or type this: , You will be flown to the Great Pyramids Complex To the West and the East of the Great Pyramids you will be able to see pictures of the Mastabas and the actual Mastabas themselves

11 Pyramids As time went on, the use of Mastabas gave way to the Pyramids. The first pyramids were step pyramids

12 Step Pyramid: Djsoer The step pyramid of Djsoer is the best example of this. It is the first large scale stone project and was built over 19 years It is 203ft tall and 411ft x 358 ft

13 Step Pyramid: Djsoer You will now join Dr. Zahi Hawass, the lead archeologist in charge of Egyptian antiquity as you explore the Step Pyramid of Djsoer

14 Step Pyramid: Djsoer Go back to Google Earth, and search for these coordinates: , You will be flown to the Pyramid of Djsoer Complex What do you notice that is different compared to the Mastabas? Similar? Make sure you click the different pictures to see different angles

15 Pyramids Eventually, the Egyptians began to build even larger and more grand Pyramids. The most famous are the 3 “Great Pyramids of Giza”

16 The Great Pyramids Made up of three pyramids
Khufu Khafre Menkaure This is also where the Sphinx is located

17 The Great Pyramids Go back to Google Earth, and search for these coordinates: , You will be flown to the Great Pyramids Complex What do you notice about how the Pyramids are aligned? What about the similarities and differences between the Great Pyramids and the Step Pyramid

18 Virtual Tour of the Pyramids
Minimize the PowerPoint after clicking on the following link. You will be redirected to a virtual tour of the pyramids very similar to the virtual tour of the Roman Villa we did as a class ENJOY!

19 Game Time! Now that you know a little bit more about the Pyramids, and using the knowledge from our earlier classes, you are tasked with building the a Pyramid for the Pharaoh. Follow the link below and good luck Wouldn’t want the pharaoh to have you executed

20 The Valley of the Kings Eventually, due to tomb robbers, the Egyptians began to bury there dead in secret They began to bury them in a place called the “Valley of the Kings” Located on the West Bank of the Nile near Luxor

21 Valley of the Kings Return to Google Earth and search using the following coordinates: , You will be flown immediately to the Valley of the Kings Use the navigation arrows to show the view as if you were looking down from the mountain top: Based on the geography, why do you think the Egyptians buried their dead here?

22 King Tut One of the most famous tombs discovered in the Valley of the Kings is that of King Tut It was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter Discovered when no one thought there were not any more undiscovered tombs King Tut’s Burial Mask

23 King Tut’s Tomb When Carter opened up the tomb and stuck a candle into the tomb, he was blinded by the brightness The tomb had never been touched It was filled from floor to ceiling with Tut’s possessions, many of them made from solid gold!

24 Furniture in the Ante Chamber Two of King Tut’s Golden Thrones
King Tut’s Golden Couch

25 King Tut Go to Google Earth, and search the following coordinates
, Obviously King Tut’s tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings, but where at?

26 King Tut’s Tomb Now, to experience what it must have been like to discover King Tut’s tomb, you will take a very brief tour of the tomb. Minimize the PowerPoint and go to the link below and enjoy!

27 Game Time!! To further understand the death rituals in Ancient Egypt, you are going to put what we have learned about mummies to use. Go to the following link and prepare Pharaoh Ramose for burial

28 Ramses II (Ramses the Great)
Ramses II is considered the most famous and powerful of all the New Kingdom pharaohs He built huge temples and statues to honor himself, so it is no surprise that his tomb is considered one of the grandest

29 Entrance to Ramses II Tomb Wall Art in the Tomb: Horus and Osiris
Staircase leading to Burial Chamber

30 Sons of Ramses Tomb Ramses II was estimated to have over 50 sons.
It is believed that at one time many of them were buried in this tomb before it was robbed It is the largest known tomb in the Valley of the Kings and is still being cleared today Tomb Entrance

31 Sons of Ramses Tomb As you can see it is very large.
Because only 7% of the tomb is cleared, it is not open to the public.

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