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Egyptian Art Mr Bilton Humanities. Narmer Palettte.

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1 Egyptian Art Mr Bilton Humanities

2 Narmer Palettte

3 Narmer Palette Large grinding plates made of siltstone Depicts the unification of the two kingdoms by Narmer Created 31 st Century BCE Found in the temple of Horus in 1898

4 Djoser’s Pyramid

5 Oldest large scale pyramid Constructed est 2860 BCE Built by his vizier Amenhotep Center of a large complex

6 Great Sphinx

7 Constructed from a single piece of limestone left from the building of the pyramids Built by Pharaoh Khafre guesses around 2700 BCE 240 ft long and 66 feet tall Face is believed to be Khafre


9 Pyramids of Giza

10 Consists of three pyramids: Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops in Greek), pyramid of Khafre, and pyramid of Menkaure The three smaller pyramids in front are associated with the pyramid of Mendaure Only wonder of the world still standing Constructed around 2560 BCE Have not found Khufu’s reminents

11 Queen Hetepheres Bed

12 Mother of Khufu Wife of Sneferu Important because of the furniture they found in her tomb

13 Tomb of Nakht

14 Nakht was a scribe during the 18 th dynasty Tomb was small but unique in the quality and nature of the art Displays scenes of everyday life rather elite

15 Valley of the Kings

16 Valley that housed the burial tombs of pharaohs and other important Egyptians Was used for nearly 500 years from the 16 th to the 11 th century BCE Holds a known 63 tombs and chambers

17 Hatshepsut’s Temple

18 Three tiered complex of temples by Luxor Focus is Hatshepsut temple Created by her lover 97 Feet Tall

19 Statue of Hatshepsut

20 One of eight statues that belonged with the temple Portrayed as a male – wore the beard Wore garments of male – ruled while son was too young

21 Bust of Nefertiti

22 Known for her great beauty and importance within society Wife of Amenhotep, the Pharaoh that changed religion from polytheism to monotheism Some believe that the bust is a fake

23 Death Mask of Tutankhamen

24 Inner most mask on the body of King Tut Covered in gold and precious stone 21 inches tall Forehead are a vulture and cobra

25 Temple of Abu Simbel

26 Carved out of the side of a mountain by Ramses II Commemorate his marriage to Nefertari and military victory over Nubians 13 th Century BCE

27 Lighthouse of Alexandria

28 Built in 3 rd century BCE on the island of Pharos off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt Originally to serve as a landmark – later as a lighthouse After a series of earthquakes in 1300’s CE it was destroyed and made into a fort No picture or real drawing exsists

29 Library of Alexandria

30 Built in 3 rd Century BCE under Ptolemy I Housed the largest collection of books and the largest library of its time period

31 Rosetta Stone

32 Created – 196 BCE Consisted of three languages: Greek, hieroglyphic, and demotic Written so that Priests, and Greeks who were the rulers of Egypt could read the tablet Found by French soldiers in Egypt in 1799 BCE in a small village called Rosetta

33 Book of the Dead

34 Explained the Egyptians concept of the afterlife Similar to the Bible but without divine revelation Usually written on papyrus scroll and placed in coffin of the deceased Consisted of hymns, spells and instructions

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