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$100 $500 $400 $200 $300 $200 $300 $500 $400 Battles PeopleWeapons Treaties Pot Luck CLICK HERE FOR FINAL JEOPARDY.

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3 $100 $500 $400 $200 $300 $200 $300 $500 $400 Battles PeopleWeapons Treaties Pot Luck CLICK HERE FOR FINAL JEOPARDY

4 This battle was the longest in the war and ended in a stalemate.

5 What is the Battle of Verdun? $100

6 This battle in the North Sea was the biggest naval battle in the war.

7 What is the Battle of Jutland ? $200

8 The British lost more men in one day at this battle than on any other day during the war.

9 What is the Battle of Somme? $300

10 This battle near Paris was the Americans (or Yanks!) first in the war.

11 What is the Battle of Belleau Wood? $400


13 Chlorine gas was first used at this battle site.

14 What is the 2 nd Battle of Ypres? $???

15 This assassin fired the gun, “sparking” the beginning of World War I.

16 Who is Gavrilo Princip? $100

17 This “holy man” contributed to the Czar’s downfall.

18 Who is Grigori Rasputin? $200

19 This man led the Bolsheviks, overthrowing Czar Nicholas II in Russia.

20 Who is Vladimir Lenin? $300

21 The “Red Baron” was this man’s nickname.

22 Who is Manfred von Richthofen? $400

23 This group was the first African American unit; they served valiantly in the war.

24 $500 Who are the Harlem Hellfighters?

25 This most extreme type of poison gas was first used by the Germans at the western front.

26 $100 What is mustard gas?

27 This new class of battleship was first designed by the British

28 $200 What is the dreadnought?

29 The Germans raided London and Paris with these hydrogen filled airships.

30 $300 What are zeppelins?

31 This British weapon was created to move over trenches.

32 $400 What is a Mark IV (tank)?


34 This British made one-seater, bi-plane was used in dogfights throughout Europe.

35 $??? What is a Sopwith Camel?

36 This term means payment for war losses or damages.

37 $100 What is reparations?

38 President Wilson’s peace plan is referred to by this name.

39 $200 What is the “Fourteen Points”?

40 This major allied power did not join the League of Nations.

41 $300 What is the United States?

42 This area was returned to France as one condition of the Treaty of Versailles.

43 $400 What is the Alsace- Lorraine?

44 The Russians signed this treaty with Germany when they withdrew from the war.

45 $500 What is the Treaty of Brest- Litovsk?

46 On Nov. 11 at 11:00 A.M., an ________ was declared, putting a stop to the fighting.

47 $100 What is an “armistice”?

48 The overthrow of this leader made it more comfortable “politically” for Wilson to join the Allied effort.

49 $200 Who is the Russian Czar Nicholas II?

50 The U.S. Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles because of this concern.

51 $300 What is fear that the U.S. would become involved in future European problems (wars)?

52 In 1918, this spread quickly, causing the death of around 50 million people in the US and Europe.

53 $400 What is the (Spanish) flu epidemic?

54 Men between the ages of 21 and 30 had to register for the draft as a result of this measure.

55 $500 What is the Selective Services Act?

56 Treaty of Versailles

57 These four conditions contributed to Germany’s hardship after the war.

58 What are: (name four!) 1.they must accept all blame 2. severe arms limitations 3. pay billions in reparations 4. give colonies to Britain & France 5. Lose the Alsace-Lorraine

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