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Chapter 10-World War I European Conflict.

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1 Chapter 10-World War I European Conflict

2 War Breaks Out in Europe/Section 1
Causes of WWI Imperialism Nationalism Militarism Alliances Stalemate Trench warfare-trench foot

3 Trigger of WWI There were 4 main long-term reasons for the war, but there was one trigger. Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Archduchess Sophia

4 Technology Tanks Fighter planes-German-Red Baron (Baron von Richthofen) and Eddie Rickenbacker (American) Machine guns Poison gas Submarines-U-boats,torpedoes

5 America’s Path to War President Woodrow Wilson Neutrality
Lusitania-ship Zimmerman Telegram-from Germany to Mexico

6 Russian Revolution Czar Nicholas II and family overthrown
Bolshevik Revolution Communism-Vladimir Lenin Reds Effect- Russia withdraws from war-leaves Allies at a disadvantage

7 America Joins the Fight/Section 2
Raising an army and navy John J. Pershing-General of American Expeditionary Force (AEF) Selective Service Act-draft Women in the military for first time African-American troops segregated

8 Ships/Troops/Pushing Germans Back
Convoy system-cruisers and destroyers protect merchant ships American troops enter the war-Cantigny, Chateau-Thierry, Belleau Wood Second Battle of the Marne-turning point of the war Alvin York African-American combat units

9 Armistice Germany surrenders Nov 11, 1918-Armistice Day/Veterans Day
The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month More people died from disease than from bullets Led to starvation and flu epidemic

10 Life on the Home Front/Section 3
Study this section well! Many of the things that you will learn for WWI “on the home front” will be the same for WWII. (prior knowledge-text to text connections)  Mobilizing-getting ready War bonds/liberty bonds, sold by government, Hollywood stars

11 Life on the Home Front continued
Children- rolled bandages Collected tin cans Saved apricot pits Boy Scouts helped Families- planted “victory gardens” knitted socks for soldiers Wheatless days and meatless days

12 Life on the Home Front continued
Conserve gasoline Women donating corsets Propaganda-writers, artists, photographers, filmmakers Prejudice- German shepherds called “police dogs” sauerkraut called “liberty cabbage” hamburger called “Salisbury steak” Espionage Act, Sedition Act

13 Home Front continued

14 The Great Migration/Flu Epidemic
Hundreds of thousands of African-Americans moved North to look for factory jobs and to escape the prejudice of the South. Great Migration 8.5 million soldiers died in the war 20 million people died from the flu

15 The Legacy of the War Fourteen Points- Wilson’s ideas for peace
League of Nations Treaty of Versailles- Germany must accept full blame, had to pay $33 BILLION in reparations, lost its colonies and army New countries created from land that Germany lost Wilson likes Treaty of Versailles-Senate votes NO

16 More problems after the war
Red Scare because of Bolshevik Revolution Palmer Raids Sacco and Vanzetti Racial tensions-African-Americans had fought for democracy in Europe but had no rights at home in the U.S. Race riots in the North Harding runs for president promising Normalcy

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