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© 2005 FedEx. All rights reserved. USNH FedEx and E&I Linda Falch, Worldwide Account Manager, State Government Marion Crombie, Account Executive, Field.

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1 © 2005 FedEx. All rights reserved. USNH FedEx and E&I Linda Falch, Worldwide Account Manager, State Government Marion Crombie, Account Executive, Field Sales Guy Hampson, International Account Executive Elaine Sabino, Customer Integration Consultant Mike Boyle, Operation Manager, FedEx Express David Durette, Manager, FedEx Ground Janet Garabedian, E & I Member Service Rep November 19, 2008

2 2 Highlights E and I Mission Contract Terms and Benefits FedEx Value – Service Overview FedEx Extended Value Services To Make Your Jobs Easier Implementation Process Demonstration Of Shipping Online at Questions

3 3 E and I Mission Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing (E and I) – E and I is a GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) 2,100 Member Colleges and Universities –Higher Education E and I provide a Competitively Awarded Bid Benchmarked this contract to ensure great service in conjunction with great contracted pricing Establishing a great partnership with FedEx for years to come

4 4 Contract Terms University System New Hampshire will be linked to the E and I National Contract E and I Contract Effective Date July 16, 2008 Contract Terms –5 year contract with 5 year options, total length is 10 years –Express, Ground and International Contract is an EXCLUSIVE award (FedEx)

5 5 Benefits of Contract Aggressive Pricing Bonus Weight Envelope –Ship more than 8oz. in a FedEx Envelope rate and still pay the same 8oz. Rate Fuel Surcharge (Fixed for 1 year) –Domestic Express 32.5% –FedEx Ground 9.5% Surcharge Waivers –Express and Ground Pick up Savings of $4.00 per package Savings of $8-12 weekly Ground Pick up Fee

6 6 The FedEx Value – Express Service Overview FedEx Priority Overnight –Fast Reliable Delivery Next Day by 10:30 a.m. FedEx Standard Overnight –Fast Reliable Delivery Next Day by 3:00 p.m. FedEx 2 Day –Delivered Second Day by close of business FedEx Express Saver (3 Day) –Delivered Third Day by close of business FedEx International –Export / Import –Serve more than 220 Countries –FedEx International Mail Service (Customized Per University)

7 7 The FedEx Value – Ground Service Overview Mode Optimize with Ground FedEx Ground –Cost Effective Delivery in 1-5 business days –Cover all points in the 48 contiguous States –Service Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico FedEx Home delivery – Residential Delivery –Packages up to 70 lbs. delivered to residences –Delivery in 1 to 5 business days –Operates Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. –Premium service upgrades designed to fit the way your customers work and live

8 8 The FedEx Value - Ground Multiweight ® Cost-saving pricing option when you have multiple packages going from the same origin to several locations in the same ZIP code on the same day –Total shipment weight must be 200 lbs. or more and a minimum average package weight of 15 lbs. –Packages are rated both individually and as one shipment; you pay the lower rate –Same package processing as any FedEx Ground package; no extra paperwork –No need to palletize, shrink-wrap, segregate or separate shipments –FedEx Ground Shipment Integrity Program helps ensure complete shipment delivery –Good alternative for LTL-type shipments

9 9 The FedEx Extended Value Procurement Card (Pcard) Billing Available 30 Day Payment Terms Vendor Enablement – Managing Inbound Transportation Spend –No such thing as “Free Freight” – shipper’s fees can include hidden charges by suppliers that result in unnecessary expense –Difficulty in tracking and managing inbound expense – shipper’s fees can be misallocated to a general ledger code or cost center –Limited visibility and control of incoming inventory – resulting in unplanned deliveries, scheduling problems and overall receiving problems.

10 10 Services To Make Your Job Easier Tracking Capabilities USNH has a range of Tracking options 24/7 Tracking from any of our automation platforms FEDEX.COM - Track by number / Track by reference FedEx InSight ® –Track your inbound, outbound and third-party shipments proactively –Stay on top of critical shipping events with automatic notification so you can take action –Review precise status summaries of international (including multiple- package) and U.S. shipments on one report –Pinpoint customs delays and delivery attempts –Available free of charge

11 11 Services To Make Your Job Easier Automation Options Supplied and Supported Hardware/Software –Ship Manager at –Ship Manager Software – –Ship Manager Café –Ship Manager and FedEx Shipping Administration – manage desk top shipping for your entire organization –Ship Manager Server – for high speed shipping engines designed for high volume integrated shipping environments

12 12 Services To Make Your Job Easier Reporting Options FedEx has numerous standard electronic and paper based reporting capabilities –Available on FedEx automation platforms –Web-based Reporting –Standard Reports –Most reports can be exported in various formats –Reporting can be customized

13 13 Services To Make Your Job Easier FedEx Billing Options FedEx ® Billing Online –Review summaries, request invoice adjustments or check account information at the invoice or shipment level –Schedule and make payments using electronic funds transfer (EFT) or paper check. Combine multiple invoices or shipments into a single payment –Use for both FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments

14 14 Implementation You must register for the program on the E & I website Steps to set up an account: –Go to E & I Homepage –Go to: “Contract Finder” on left hand side of homepage –Click on “FedEx Corporation” –Click on “Getting Started” at top of screen –Use this link to set up your new account: To set up a new FedEx account or convert an existing FedEx account to the E&I contract, please complete and submit this application.application

15 15 Implementation Choose this option to begin: –This is a New Account Setup Institution Name * use one of the following: –University of NH Durham NH –Univ System of NH Durham NH –University of NH Manchester NH –Granite State College Concord NH –Plymouth State Univ Plymouth NH –Keene State College Keene NH Enter all other information marked with an asterisk *.

16 16 Implementation Enter special words in italics at the bottom and click “Continue” –A page will appear asking you to describe your daily small package (under 150 lbs.) shipping volume. This information is used by FedEx to assess and optimize your service and training needs. –It is okay to leave these boxes blank if you are unsure of your shipping volume. –You will receive an email confirmation and your rates will be effective within 5-7 days USNH users will receive a follow up call

17 17 Implementation FedEx Operations –Campus Drop boxes Automation Options Campus Communication Tools –Endorsement Letters/Routing Letter to share with the departments on campus –University News Letters or Email Blast –Conduct Campus Contract Training sessions such as: etc.

18 18 Our Promise to the University System New Hampshire To Make Every FedEx Experience Outstanding And Add Value To Your Business Global Reach = 200 Countries Served Directly, Reliability, Speed and Visibility Portfolio Strength = One Company, many solutions Bundling Operating Companies = One stop for all transportation and logistics needs, Leverage Transportation Spend Transportation Plus Logistics and Technology = Physical flow of good, Information flow and Financial flow Customer Relationship = Dedicated Support, Resources and Higher Visibility

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