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 Corporate Profile  BOSS Overview  Current Solutions  BOSS Modules  COLORS - New BOSS Web Module  BOSS Benefits  Supplier XML Services and BOSS.

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1  Corporate Profile  BOSS Overview  Current Solutions  BOSS Modules  COLORS - New BOSS Web Module  BOSS Benefits  Supplier XML Services and BOSS Content

2 Corporate Profile o Established in 1993 13 years serving Canadian companies Qualified business analysts and developers o A privately owned company Sustained growth and stability Locations in Ottawa and the GTA o Developer of BOSS Branch Operating System Software Designed to manage the products and services delivery to your customers o Focused on customer service Software solutions designed for your business

3 BOSS Overview Provides an integrated solution for your corporate sales, service, inventory and reporting needs Designed to manage all aspects of your products and services delivery Modules function as standalone solutions with seamless integration solution across all operational lines of your business

4 Current Customer Solutions Acc/Pac Great Plains QuickBooks Simply Accounting Business Vision Home Made System Spreadsheet Napkins

5 What’s lacking with these solutions Sales lacks access to price lists, XML calls No rebate tracking Repetitive entry of line items Little or no service components No connection between orders and PO’s No integration between departments No industry specific reports (IBM, HP, etc.) No integrated web solution for customer access ROI; Extra staff, lost rebates, lost loaners, time

6 Key BOSS Modules

7 Boss Sales Used by sales reps to manage their customers, create quotes and orders and track all open orders. Built-in Customer Profiles Default margins Custom price lists Security checks Create Quotes/Orders in seconds Add items at the push of a button Print, E-Mail or Fax quotes to the customer All quotes are automatically checked for approval

8 Boss Sales … Multiple order type options Quotes, Sales, Reserved Stock, Customer Stock, Loaner Orders, In-House Orders, Manual PO’s Access to unlimited Price Lists All major suppliers Custom price lists Access stock items Track current order Status Back orders Orders shipped Orders invoiced

9 Boss Service Provides full management for a companies service department. Service Management Track open service orders Technician Scheduler Warranty Tracking Contract Management Retainer/block contracts Inventory tracking for contracts Recurring billing and scheduling

10 Boss Warehouse Purchasing, Receiving, Shipping and Accounting are built-in functions used by the Warehouse module. Purchase Orders Automated PO Generator, Multiple Branches, Direct to Customer, XML calls to major suppliers Receiving Labels, Serial/Asset numbers, Receiving Logs, Open Payables Configuration Local configuration, onsite or project orientated

11 Boss Warehouse … Shipping Packing Slips, Delivery charges, Waybill numbers, POD’s Accounting Generate invoices, credit notes and RMAs Generate customer statements Receive customer payments Generate interest charges Receive supplier invoices for accurate costs

12 Boss Inventory Actual Costing Serialized Inventory Multiple Branches History Tracking Customer Reserved Stock Customer Owned Stock Returns Tracking Inventory Management and Reporting

13 Boss Reports/Graphs Commission Reports By account manager, Inside rep or both for flexible reporting requirements Customizable Reports Build reports and save them Export to multiple file formats including Excel Profitability Report by customer, rep, supplier, branch, item, vendor, category code, date, part number, vendor number…and much more. Graphs Generate graphs on totals sales, top customer sales, top suppliers and more.

14 Allows customers to create online quotes Quotes are submitted and approved through BOSS All corporate and web orders are accessible from BOSS Customer can access product info via XML Extended product information available All orders can be tracked for current status Customers can search for previous orders Option to reprint quotes, sales orders and invoices Customize pages by company (logo, background messages) Access customize price lists for customers Product pricing based on four levels of pricing Users can log and track service request orders Option to view customer contracts

15 Benefits 1. Integrated solution for all departments 2. Minimize business administration 3. Reduce overall cost of doing business 4. Centralized customers, sales and service orders 5. Track rebates and manage price protects 6. Detailed and summary reports 7. Customized alerts for all aspects of your business

16 Supplier XML Services and BOSS

17 Price and Availability Update current product cost Update current availability for all warehouses Indicate availability for each warehouse Indicate ETA for each warehouse Option available to sales reps and purchaser

18 Submit Purchase Orders Indicate Shipping Style, Carrier Code and Warehouse Auto detects drop ship orders User notes can be entered and transmitted Returns suppliers order number Option to include Order Confirmation Option to indicate MyOrderTracker details

19 Order Status – Order Detail Verifies supplier’s Order number Returns and updates Suppliers Invoice number Indicates current Order Status, Terms, Contact Name and Invoice Total

20 Order Status – Invoice Details Indicates Shipment style selected Indicates Packaging sent to customer Indicates Ship To Address List each current line items status

21 Order Status – Shipment Details List all Containers shipped Indicates Ship To Address Provides details for Date Shipped & Invoiced, Weight, Warehouse, Ship Via and Total Value Lists each line item with serial numbers

22 Thank You Please contact our sales department for more information. (613) 566-7078

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