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Go to Click Register for

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1 Go to Click Register for

2 Most City Departments already have a FedEx Account #. (Its on the top line in section 1 of the airbill) So click on Use my account online

3 This screen will appear!

4 Fill it out with your information And click Continue at the bottom.

5 Your Shipping Address will auto- populate on this screen!

6 Enter Your Departments Account #. All users from your department will have this account # on their personal FedEx Login. Once the pCard is linked and users make a shipment, they should print an extra shipping label for the reconciler and approver for verification. (more on that in a bit)


8 Now call Government Billing at 1-800-645-9424 to link your pCard to your account.

9 When you are ready to ship…. Go to Enter your Login information and select “ship package/envelope” to get right to it, then click Login

10 There are other options you may be interested in going to directly at login

11 The Create a Shipment screen has everything the airbill does – minus the typewriter and plus a few fun extras!

12 If you ship the same type of package, but to different locations you can Create a Shipment Profile in step 5. It will be saved and in the dropdown on the top left for next time!

13 Ship to same place regularly? Save the address so you don’t have to re-enter it each time! You can select that person from a dropdown list if you check the “Save new recipient in Address Book” box!

14 You can schedule a pickup right here! Click on the Schedule Pickup box!

15 It will expand to show your location and will ask for more verification info. No need to call for pickup!

16 You can select email notifications to avoid having to look up the tracking number if you’d like. Once you are ready to go, click Ship!

17 Confirm this info and click Ship!

18 This is the Shipping Label! Print it twice! One copy goes on package, one goes to the reconciler/approver for PaymentNet verification FedEx has free FedEx Laser labels that these can be printed on and applied directly to the box. (found under Ordering Supplies, Ship Manager) Or they can be printed on plain paper and stuck inside one of the clear airbill pouches. (found under Ordering Supplies, FedEx Supplies)

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