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Teacher: Dr. Van Der Sluys

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1 Teacher: Dr. Van Der Sluys
Unit 7.3 Naming Acids Teacher: Dr. Van Der Sluys

2 Objectives Formulas of acids Naming acids

3 Formulas of Acids An acid is a substance that when dissolved in water, dissociates or breaks apart into a hydrogen ion (H+) and an anion. Acids always have hydrogen as the first element in the formula, HCl (aq), HNO3 (aq), H2SO4 (aq), etc.

4 Naming Binary Acids Binary acids contain only two elements, hydrogen and a monatomic anion whose name ends in the suffix -ide. To name a binary acid like HCl Begin the name with the prefix hydro- Next use the root of the second elements name, e.g. chlor Replace the suffix of the anion with the suffix -ic Add the word acid HCl is hydrochloric acid

5 Examples HF H2S HBr H2O Hydroiodic acid Hydronitric acid
Hydroselenic acid

6 Ternary Acids Ternary acids contain three elements, with hydrogen being the first element in the formula and oxygen being the last. To name a ternary acid such as H2SO4 Remove the hydrogen ion(s) and determine the formula of the anion Replace the suffix -ate becomes -ic acid -ite becomes -ous acid H2SO4 anion SO42- sulfuric acid

7 Polyatomic Ions NH4+ PO43- CO32- SO42- ClO- SO32- ClO2- CN- ClO3- NO3-
Have you memorized the polyatomic ions yet? NH4+ ammonium PO43- phosphate CO32- carbonate SO42- sulfate ClO- hypochlorite SO32- sulfite ClO2- chlorite CN- cynaide ClO3- chlorate NO3- nitrate ClO4- perchlorate NO2- nitrite OH- hydroxide C2H3O2- acetate

8 Examples HClO4 H3PO4 HNO3 HNO2 Acetic acid Hypochlorous acid
Carbonic acid

9 Summary Binary Acids Ternary Acids Hydro ___ic acid
If the anion is -ate it becomes _____ic acid If the anion is -ite it becomes _____ous acid

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