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Naming Acids.

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1 Naming Acids

2 Binary Acids Contain only two atoms, one is hydrogen, another is an anion The names of these anions all end in –IDE These acids become hydro _______ic acids Fill in the blank with the root of the anion

3 Hydro ____ ic Acid HCl (hydrogen chloride) HBr (hydrogen bromide)
HF (hydrogen fluoride) HI ( hydrogen iodide) HCN (not a binary acid, but still ends in an –ide ending)-(hydrogen cyanide)

4 Hydro _______ ic Acids HCl (hydrogen chloride) HBr (hydrogen bromide)
Hydrochloric acid HBr (hydrogen bromide) Hydrobromic acid HF (hydrogen fluoride) Hydrofluoric acid HI ( hydrogen iodide) Hydroiodic acid HCN (not a binary acid, but still ends in an –ide ending)-(hydrogen cyanide) Hydrocyanic acid

5 Oxyacids These acids contain a radical group that has oxygen as part of its formula These radical group names end in both -ate, and –ite The more oxygen atoms the anion has in an acid the stronger the acid will be. HNO3 and HNO2

6 Radical groups that end in -ATE
These acids are named by using the template _______ ic acid

7 _______ ic acid HNO3 H2SO4 H2CO3 Hydrogen nitrate Nitric acid
Hydrogren sulfate sulfuric acid H2CO3 Hydrogen carbonate carbonic acid

8 Groups that end in -ITE Acids that have traditional names that end in –ite will use the template ____ ous acid

9 ---------- ous acid HNO2 (hydrogen nitrite) H2SO3 (hydrogen sulfite)
H3PO3 (hydrogen phosphite)

10 More/less oxygens than ate or ite
HClO4 (hydrogen perchlorate) HClO3 (hydrogen chlorate)** HClO2 (hydrogen chlorite)** HClO (hydrogen hypochlorite)

11 HClO4 (hydrogen perchlorate)
HClO3 (hydrogen chlorate) HClO2 (hydrogen chlorite) HClO (hydrogen hypochlorite) Per _______ ic _______ic _______ous Hypo______ous

12 HIO3 (hydrogen iodate) HIO2 (hydrogen iodite) HIO (hydgrogen hypoiodite) _____ ic acid _____ous acid Hypo____ous acid

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