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Winter Recreation 2 5 th Session – January 31 U5/U6 – Dribbling to Get Past Someone.

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1 Winter Recreation 2 5 th Session – January 31 U5/U6 – Dribbling to Get Past Someone

2 When you get there Cones, bibs, and Pugg Goals will be at the white boxes Go to the field that you are assigned to on the map Please wear a watch so you can start playing at ten after the hour at the latest (6:10pm or 7:10pm) As players seem to lose interest in an activity move on to the next one As players enter the dome we will send them your way once you have 6 players get going Wear your HS gear or WSC stuff if you have some

3 Field Map T-RexLions Elephants Sharks Cheetahs EaglesDolphins Bears Molly Claire/Tina Mitchell Mark MaddieLuke Bailey/HannahTina – U7/U8G Lexi

4 Key Coach Players Players w/ball Cones Balls

5 Activity 1 – Body Part Dribble -Every player has there ball with them get them to dribble around the space -Players will need to slow down so give them the hint that they should try to touch their ball each step they take -Remind players they can dribble different speeds and show them -Talk to them about the surface of the foot they can use -Now while the are dribbling get them to stop the ball with different parts of their body: -Sole of foot -Belly -Backside -Elbow -Knee -Etc. Get dribbling Stop it with your knee

6 Activity 2 – Ball Retrieve -Have every player circle around you with their ball in hand -Take the players ball and toss it or roll it away and give them a task to bring it back -Bring it back with: -Two hands -Two feet -One hand, one knee -Two knees -If you notice a player doing something cool or different acknowledge it and ask the other players to copy it -Players will be able to do the task 2/3 times then move onto new task Two hands one knee

7 Activity 3 – Drive Around Town -Every player needs to be on a ball -Players need to dribble around the space like cars -Ask the players what kind of cars do what and then have them dribble like that car -Every time players get close to one another have them say “beep, beep” -If players fail to change speeds and you can catch them say they need to get gas. To get gas they need to come see you and do some little activity -Toe taps, cart wheel, etc. -The more you can use your imagination with different types of roads or weather the more fun you can have -Don’t be afraid to ask the players for different driving around town ideas What kind of car goes fast? What kind of car goes slow? Drive like a xxx BeepBeep BeepBeep Mini van Truck

8 Activity 4 – Space Invaders -Start by giving each player a cone to spread around the space -Play a short round without the ball and then play rounds with the ball -The players are galactic space rangers -The cones are aliens and the players need to dribble to a cone touch it with their ball and flip the cone over with their hand on the flip -Make sure the players make the sound of their galactic space blaster when they flip a cone -Have players keep score of how many they flip then challenge them to beat their own score (self- referenced) -To increase the challenge change what the player has to do when they approach the alien Go! Bajshh Puinn Bang bang Don’t forget to make your blaster sound

9 Activity 5 – Play -Split the players onto two teams -Play 3v3 with a few subs -Have a pile of balls ready to go that you will send onto the field when it goes out of bounds -Each time a ball goes out of bounds or a goal is scored yell “New Ball” and distribute a new ball on the field -Can you get the ball to players that haven’t been involved -Can you distribute the ball to challenge the team that needs challenging -Players will clump together and chase the ball – that is normal -Parents will want to help collect balls have them hold onto the balls and then collect them when you run out so players get a rest New Ball

10 Thanks Have fun and be decisive!

11 WR2 U5U6 Week 5 – Jan 31 Warm-up – Body Part Dribble Activity 2 – Ball Retrieve Activity 3 – Drive Around Town Activity 4 – Space Invaders Play Every player has a ball and gets dribbling Get players to stop the dribble with different parts of their body Every player with their ball in their hands around you Take their ball toss it Task players with some way to bring it back Every player with a ball Gets players to act like cars Players need to say “beep, beep” when they get to close What kind of roads Every player has a ball Players dribble to cone touch it with ball and flip it Make sounds when you subdue the alien

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