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Winter Recreation 2 2 nd Session – January 10 U7/U8 – Tag, Dribbling, Passing.

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1 Winter Recreation 2 2 nd Session – January 10 U7/U8 – Tag, Dribbling, Passing

2 When you get there Cones, bibs, and Pugg Goals will be at the white boxes Go to the field that you were at last week As players enter the dome we will send them your way once you have 6 players get going We have gotten great feedback as a result of the great job you did on our first day. Players will be excited so be ready to have fun Wear your HS gear or WSC stuff if you have some

3 Field Map T-RexLions Elephants Sharks Cheetahs EaglesDolphins

4 Key Coach Players Players w/ball Cones Balls

5 Activity 1 – Tail Tag -Introduce yourself again – My name is … -Ask the players to introduce themselves making eye contact with you -Get the players to introduce themselves again -Now let’s get the players moving -Tail tag is a tag game where every player is trying to keep their tail and get as many other tails as they can. -Play short rounds -Everybody is it -Remind players that part of the challenge is to keep your tail as much as getting everyone else's I’m going to get your tail!

6 Activity 2 – What Animal can you be? -Get players to skip around, do cart wheels, or whatever then stop them and ask the kids for an animal -Once an animal is yelled out have all the players act like that animal -Don’t forget to get them to make the sound -After a few minutes ask for another animal and so on -Have a few fun animals in your head in case no one speaks up to start -Elephant -Snake -Unicorn -Gorilla -You can transition to a tag game acting like the animals too What animal are we going to be? Zebra That’s great how do we gallop like a zebra? What sound do they make?

7 Activity 3 – Red Light/Green Light -All players start on one side of the field you start on the other -When you want them to go you say “Green Light” when you want them to stop say “Red Light” -If a player doesn’t stop when you say “Red Light” they go back to the beginning -All players need a ball at their feet the whole time -Show players how to stop the ball with the sole of their foot -You can describe this action as “Stand like a Pirate” Red Light Green Light

8 Activity 4 – Chase with a ball -Tag game where the players focus on trying to get you -Play with ball only -Once the players have the balls at their feet they would pass and try to hit you below the knee with their ball -Be a reasonable target to be hit you will want to walk or jog at most -If your group is really good challenge the players to hit the ball between your legs for extra points

9 Activity 5 – Play -Split the players onto two teams -Play 3v3 with a few subs -Have a pile of balls ready to go that you will send onto the field when it goes out of bounds -Each time a ball goes out of bounds or a goal is scored yell “New Ball” and distribute a new ball on the field -Can you get the ball to players that haven’t been involved -Can you distribute the ball to challenge the team that needs challenging -Players will clump together and chase the ball – that is normal -Parents will want to help collect balls have them hold onto the balls and then collect them when you run out so players get a rest New Ball

10 Thanks Have fun and be decisive!

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