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Winter Recreation 2 6 th Session – February 7 U7/U8 – Dribbling and Ball Striking.

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1 Winter Recreation 2 6 th Session – February 7 U7/U8 – Dribbling and Ball Striking

2 When you get there Cones, bibs, and Pugg Goals will be at the white boxes Make sure you are using names Please wear a watch so you can start playing at ten after the hour at the latest (6:10pm or 7:10pm) Try to avoid times when you are the only one with a ball and the players are chasing you – players need to be on the ball NO CLUB stuff that is not Woodbury Soccer Club – High School stuff is great

3 Field Map T-RexLions Elephants Sharks Cheetahs EaglesDolphins Bears Molly Claire/Tina Mitchell Mark MaddieLuke Bailey/HannahTina – U7/U8G Lexi

4 Key Coach Players Players w/ball Cones Balls

5 Activity 1 – Space awareness -Start without a ball and then add ball -Encourage players to find space so that the are not near other players -If players are close enough to chat then they are too close -Add the ball and begin to introduce some moves -Some moves you can show are: -Pull back -Rollover -Some move you feel comfortable to show and teach -With the moves show and think about how you can clearly describe them so that you can paint a clear picture with what you show and say Get dribbling Every time you get close to someone can you do a pull back?

6 Activity 2 – Clean your room -Break the group into two teams -One team is on one half of your field and the other is on the other half -You will play short rounds with each team trying to end the round with fewer balls on their half of the field. -Introduce different ways to strike balls -Ask questions – “What part of your foot can you use?” -Inside, laces, toe, left foot, right foot GO! Blue team wins let’s play again

7 Activity 3 – Space Invaders -Start by giving each player a cone to spread around the space -Play a short round without the ball and then play rounds with the ball -The players are galactic space rangers -The cones are aliens and the players need to shot at the cone to make it move – all cones should be upside down so it can wooble -Make sure the players make the sound of their galactic space blaster when they shoot -Have players keep score of how many cones they hit then challenge them to beat their own score (self- referenced) -To increase the challenge change what the player has to do when they approach the alien Go! Bajshh Puinn Bang bang Don’t forget to make your blaster sound

8 Activity 4 – Pac-man -2 or 3 Pac-men with a ball -The other players are ghosts -Pac-men try to hit the ghosts -Once a ghost gets hit below the knee with the ball they join the pacmen -New pacmen should get a ball and put on a bib -Pacmen should be dribbling and passing on the move to hit the ghosts Play! Hit you! I’m a pacman now

9 Activity 5 – Play -Split the players onto two teams -Play 4v4 with a few subs -Have a pile of balls ready to go that you will send onto the field when it goes out of bounds -Each time a ball goes out of bounds or a goal is scored yell “New Ball” and distribute a new ball on the field -Can you get the ball to players that haven’t been involved -Can you distribute the ball to challenge the team that needs challenging -Players will clump together and chase the ball – that is normal -Parents will want to help collect balls have them hold onto the balls and then collect them when you run out so players get a rest New Ball

10 Thanks Have fun and be decisive!

11 WR2 U7U8 Week 6 – Feb 7 Warm-up – Space Awareness Activity 2 – Clean your room Activity 3 – Space Invaders Activity 4 – Pacman Play Start with a then without Players need to try to get away from other players Use the image of two magnets of like poles and how the repel each other Two teams Each team tries to have fewer balls on their side versus the other team Rounds should be 30/ 45 seconds long Have 2/3 “Pacman” with balls trying to dribble and pass to hit the ghosts Once ghosts they get hit they become pacmen Pacman should have ball and be in the same color bib Every player has a ball Players shot/pass to move upside down cone (alien) Make sounds when you subdue the alien

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