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Forks Fury U Basketball

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1 Forks Fury U9 2014-2015 Basketball

2 Game Rules 10 foot high baskets 12 foot foul line
Two 20 minute halves per game Running clock except I last 2 minutes of each half Free Substitutions No defense in the back court Once defense has secured the ball other team must retreat past the half court line No three point shots Score is kept 6 fouls to the bonus, 10 Double Bonus

3 League Community Basketball League Scores kept in every game
Top 4 teams from each division make the playoffs Generally there are teams per division Playoff seeding is based on finish in your division not total wins.

4 Volunteer Time I need 3 groups of volunteers Score Book for each game
Clock operator for home games Someone to record the game. These 3 activities add up to about 30 hours which is the total volunteer time the FTAA wants for the team. I don’t care if we rotate these activities or if one or two people want to take care of an item. Regardless if we take care of this then no one needs to worry about volunteer hours.

5 How to have a good season
In order for players to have fun playing the game they need a couple of things. They have to have enough personal success that they feel good about their accomplishments and feel they are contributing to the success of the team. The team has to have a reasonable degree of success. We don’t need to go undefeated and win the championship but we do need to win a good portion of our games and be competitive in most of them for the girls to feel good about themselves.

6 Team Rules For Players Have fun and enjoy the season
“Don’t whine, don’t complain, and don’t make excuses!” Treat the other team, your teammates, the coaches, parents and refs with respect at all times Focus on your job on the court. We play as a team, win as a team and lose as a team. No matter how bad the refs are we do not argue with them. If you complain about a call you are not focused on the game so you will come out immediately

7 Team Rules For Coaches Have fun and enjoy the season
Never yell at a kid for a physical mistake. Show them what they did right and what they did wrong and help them get better for next time Everyone plays critical minutes. I would rather lose then have a team where some kids only get token minutes in the games. If we need to have players who only get a few minutes a game to win then we haven't done our job as coaches. We don’t work the refs during the game. One coach will talk to the refs before the game and at half time to make our concerns known

8 The Choices We have Each player has total control over
The choices they make Their attitude Their effort. Each player has NO control over The calls the Referee makes or does not make How good the other team is The playing conditions We each have the choice to focus on things we can control or waste time on things we cant

9 My Coaching Values Fury
It is the coaches job to teach the kids how to play basketball. At this level you can get away with a lot of stuff that might help you win this year but isn't going to make the girls better players We spend more time on how to play basketball than we do on specific plays At the end of the year I would rather have better players than better plays My goal is to make sure everyone gets a lot of competitive minutes and distribute minutes played evenly throughout the team

10 Playing Time Golden Rule
Play hard and give us your best every time you are on the court. Play defense like your life depends on it! Know your assignments on offense and execute. Every kid can give their best effort and know their assignments. Scoring and rebounding maybe difficult for some players but defense is a matter of will and effort. Knowing your assignments is a matter of spending a few minutes each day reviewing offense rules and paying attention in practice. Everyone one can do this. In games if you don’t give 100% effort every time you are out there you will come right out. I will then remind you of how we play on this team and send you right back in. Not hustling is a sign of disrespect for yourself and your teammates. There are other kids giving everything they have out there if you wont play hard its not fair to the rest of the team to put you out there.

11 Playing Time Fury At the end of the year I want everyone to have the same number of minutes played. However that doesn’t mean that everyone will play the same number of minutes every game No player should ever play less than 10 minutes in a game In games where we are beating teams badly the players who get more time in competitive games will get a lot less time In the last 7 or 8 minutes of the game I am going to do my best to win which means I am going to put the team I think gives us the best chance to win that day on the floor that day If we make the playoffs we are going to try and win. The players that are playing best that game are going to get the most time. Everyone will play but I wont commit to a number of minutes because it depends on how the game goes

12 Playing Time Fury Continued
I will give a complete and rational explanation for any playing time decisions along with an explanation of things the player needs to do to get more time. I film every game and keep detailed stats. I know who is playing well based on stats not on a feeling. My stats are based on opportunity not absolute numbers. For instance if we are stealing the ball every possession and making all our shots it is not possible to get rebounds. While I keep track of total rebounds I pay more attention to % of rebounds gained. Also I monitor how many rebounds your player is getting

13 Defensive Goals Our top goal is to hold the other team to less than points/possession. We want to have a 70% defensive rebounding percentage in every game. That means we get 7 out of every 10 defensive rebounding opportunities. We to get a steal or turnover on 2/3 of the other teams possessions. We hold our opponents to 20% shooting percentage from the field.

14 Offensive Goals No more than 4 high turnovers/game
Turnovers at or above the foul line Our top goal is to score 0.5 points/possession. We want to have a 50% offensive rebounding percentage in every game. That means we get 1 out of every 2 offensive rebounding opportunities. We to have less than 35% open possessions Possessions without a shot We make 35% of our Free Throws We make 25% of our Shots from the field

15 Record Goal Our goal is to be competitive in every game
Win 2 out of every 3 games Make the playoffs

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