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Mackenzie MacLeod. Sportsmanship Respect Leadership Responsibility Teamwork.

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1 Mackenzie MacLeod

2 Sportsmanship Respect Leadership Responsibility Teamwork

3 Model it Expect it Teach it Praise it Discuss it Correct it Acknowledge it Reinforce it Reward it

4 Good Congratulate the winner Don’t accuse winner of cheating Shake hand with opponents Don’t brag about winning Bad Cheating Arguing with “referee” or teacher Blaming teammates for mistakes Trash talking Taunting Showing off

5 Treat teammates, opponents, teacher with respect, courtesy and consideration Avoid/prevent; put downs, name-calling, trash-talking, insults, disrespectful verbal/non-verbal conduct Never taunt or be “showy” No negative cheers, name-calling, trash-talking **Treat others the way you want to be treated**

6 Be considerate to other students Accept personal differences of other students Be polite Please Thank – you

7 Focus on good; don’t dwell on the negative Never use “I can’t” Learn to put a positive spin on negatives Do the right thing even if no one else is watching Lead by example Help your classmates

8 *Responsible behavior in sports  responsible behavior in other areas Doing the right thing Being accountable for your actions What are the expectations? Consequences if rules are not followed Consistency is the key to responsibility Do what you say you are going to do Give students jobs they must do Be trustworthy

9 You must always work with people to achieve the same goal What happens when the ball doesn’t get passed? How does it make you feel? Winning and losing is not the emphasis Emphasize good passes, cooperative efforts, etc. Working together gets things done faster

10 Respect Responsibility Sportsmanship Teamwork Leadership Positive Attitude

11 Knock-out (dribbling) Red Light, Green Light (dribbling) Monster Trucks (Getting used to the ball) Lady in the Park (Passing and Dribbling) SpongeBob Square Pants (Dribbling and Defense) Under the Bridge (Passing) Land on Mars (Passing Weight) Head it Catch it (Heading) Shooting U (Shooting) Steal the Bacon (Dribbling, shooting, passing) Relay Race (Dribbling, Shooting, Passing)

12 Students stay in a coned off area dribbling around and try to knock each others’ ball out of the area. If a players ball gets knocked out they must do 5 Jumping Jacks and then should re-enter the playing field.

13 Continuous Red Light: Stop Green Light: Go Yellow Light: Slow Blue Light: Sit on the Ball Gold Light: Toe Touches Silver Light: Foundation

14 “Rev your engine” Move the ball back and forth over the ball Move the ball side to side over the ball Drive you truck around the gym (dribble it)

15 Students Dribble the Ball as Bumble Bees (everyone had a ball) Teacher runs around as the Lady in the Park Students kick the ball into lady’s legs (passing) to sting her After many stings she will “die” (fall over)

16 Same as sharks (Plankton) and Minnows (SpongeBob) Students try to dribble across the gym without having their ball stolen away by a Plankton If their ball gets stolen they become a Plankton

17 Students get a partner Partner 1 spreads their legs Partner 2 tries to pass the ball through their partners’ legs. Every time the ball goes through their partners leg the group gets a point

18 Each player has a ball Players try to pass their ball so that it lands on the surface of mars (a cone circle a certain distance away)

19 Teacher tosses the ball to a student if they say catch it the student should head it, if they say head it the student should catch it

20 Students stand in a horseshoe facing the goal Teacher says ready, aim, fire Students fire (shoot) the ball into the goal

21 Break up into at least 2 group Can be 4, 6, 8, etc. Give kids a number from 1 to # of kids on team Give other team the same #s Teacher will call a number the two students who have that number will try to get the ball and score. The soccer ball is the bacon

22 Have them be continuous and put students in groups of 2 Make them interesting Ex: Dribble to the line, do 20 toe touches, dribble to line 2 stop your ball with your nose, stand up spin around the ball 3 times, dribble back an shoot. Once the ball goes in the goal your partner goes

23 Skyhawks Soccer Ages 4-6 Skyhawks Life Skills Through Sports

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