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2 Introduction The sharks scientific name is Selachii.
A shark is a kind of fish The shark is the biggest fish Sharks have fins Great white sharks are most dangerous Sharks can see 50 feet (15 meters) ahead

3 What sharks look like Sharks have rounded end of there body.
A sharks eye are almost on completely different sides of its head. The shark has a nearly 360- degreefield of vision. The shark has two blind spots, right in front of its snout and behind its head. Dorsal fin Tail Pectoral fins help the sharks not tip over

4 More what sharks look like
Sharks have gills to help them breath, under water Sharks have a blue back to camouflage from prey White belly helps other fish not see them from below Sharks look like a submarine with sleek silver

5 Habitats Sharks live all over the world in all the Ocean but the not the Arctic Ocean Many Sharks live in the Florida waters also in the Gulf of Mexico Sharks also migrate to find their food

6 Lifespan A shark lives up to about 20 to 30 years in the wild,
Blue sharks live up to over100 YEARS! Different sharks have different lifespans

7 How Sharks get their food
Sharks ambush their prey from behind sharks come out of know where and attack their prey When sharks chase there prey, sharks go under water and then come back up and attack

8 Prey and Predators PREDATORS Sharks prey is PREY
There are not a lot of predators Orca whales are also shark predators Bigger sharks eat sharks Biggest predator is a human because they hunt them for sport. PREY Sharks prey is Sharks eat other animals like Shell fish, Squid other bony fish Also sea otters, seals, dolphins, porpoises, crabs, and whales.

9 Babies Baby pups are in eggs in their mother’s belly
Babies are born alive as pups when hatch from mothers belly When mother sharks give birth they find a sallow spot for the pups

10 Behave A great white shark eye site is amazing with clear water.
Sharks sense electric fields that other animals give off. The electric field helps sharks find prey.

11 Behavioral Adaptations
Sharks arch their bodies and open their mouths to exhibits threats to other sharks Sharks also slap the water then jump out of water after they slap there tails Sharks come from the sea floor to ambush their food

12 Physical Adaptations Sharks have a blue back to camouflage from predator The shark powerful tail, muscler body to swim 15 MPH Sharks dark gray spot makes it hard for petards in the deep blue sea

13 Physiological Adaptations: How their insides help them adapt to their environment
Sharks have there eyes on other part of heads to help from pretenders When sharks reach 20 feet length they are about as much as 5,000 pounds!!! Sharks body are shaped as a torpedo to swim fast

14 Interesting Facts A shark forceful tail that can kill prey then eat It
A great white shark ambushes its prey from behind There are more then 350 kinds of sharks the most digesting shark is a great white shark

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