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Swordfish and Piranha Caleb O. & Leo P..

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1 Swordfish and Piranha Caleb O. & Leo P.

2 There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates
Mammals Reptiles Fish Amphibians Birds

3 Most fish have these characteristics.
They breathe using gills. Fish hatch from eggs. They are cold blooded. Some fish have fins. Some fish have scales.

4 Swordfish The swordfish is a fast swimmer and is known for having a long sharp bill.

5 Swordfish The swordfish lives in warm water parts of the ocean. He is adapted to live in salt water. They like to stay up near the surface where the water is warmer. One adaptation that allows for swimming in deep cold water is a "brain heater."

6 swordfish The biggest swordfish are about fourteen and a half feet long. They weigh up to 1190 pounds. They have been observed moving through schools of fish, thrashing their swords to kill or stun their prey and then quickly turning to consume their catch.

7 Swordfish Swordfish are very powerful fighters. If they are hooked or harpooned, they will fight hard to get loose. They dive down to get away. The swordfish doesn’t have many predators. It’s main enemy is people.

8 Swordfish The swordfish has a streamlined body. Their body helps them swim fast to get away from orca whales, sperm whales, and large sharks. They also want to get away from people who want to catch them or eat them.

9 Swordfish The swordfish counts on its great speed and ability to swim in the water to catch its prey. It uses its sharp bill to stab at fish in order to injure them. Then it turns around fast to eat them.

10 Piranha Piranhas have a bulldog-like face with a very large lower jaw and many razor-sharp teeth. The piranha might loose teeth when he bites his prey. The teeth are replaceable. when one is broken off, a new one grows in its place.

11 Piranha It lives in warm freshwater because it is cold-blooded. They eat animals that live on land or in the water. Some of the prey includes fish, insects, birds, lizards, frogs…or any dead meat that they find.

12 Piranha It has razor sharp teeth to kill it’s prey. It bites into it and uses those sharp teeth to rip it to shreds. Then it eats it.

13 Piranha Piranhas range in color from yellow to steel-gray to bluish to partly red to almost black. Their color helps to camouflage it from its enemies.

14 Swordfish and Piranha Piranhas and swordfish are both fish.
Piranhas live in South America. Swordfish live in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, the Florida coast and other warm equatorial waters.

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