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SHARKS by Second Grade Bull Shark Goblin Shark Great White Shark

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1 SHARKS by Second Grade Bull Shark Goblin Shark Great White Shark
Hammerhead Shark Mako Shark Megamouth Shark Nurse Shark Tiger Shark Whale Shark

2 Bull Shark Bull Sharks’ teeth have edges like a saw.
A Bull shark has a wide snout like a bull. Bull sharks are 7.5 feet long. Bull sharks eat fish, dolphins, sea turtles, and other sharks. Their jaws hold many sharp teeth. Their scales make the shark’s skin feel like sandpaper.

3 Goblin Shark The Goblin Shark has pointed teeth like a fork.
A Goblin Shark has a soft pink body and small rounded fins. A long head and body give it an odd shape.

4 Great White Shark Very few animals can escape the Great White Shark jaws. Great White sharks jump out of the water to catch their prey. Great White sharks’ bodies look like footballs. Great White sharks eat seals, sea lions, and dolphins.

5 Hammerhead Shark The Hammerhead Shark hunt prey on the ocean floor.
They have two dorsal fins on their balance. The Hammerhead shark has between 6 and 42 pups. The Hammerhead shark eat crabs, squids, fish, stingrays, and other sharks.

6 Mako Shark Mako Sharks have large black eyes.
Mako Sharks are 11 feet or 3.4 meters long. Mako Sharks are swift hunters.

7 Megamouth Shark Megamouth Shark pups look like an adult.
Their mouth looks like a cave. The Megamouth shark has a large floppy, body.

8 Nurse Shark A Nurse Shark can suck a snail from its shell.
A Nurse Shark has about 20 to 30 pups at a time. They hunt all night and rest all day.

9 Tiger Shark Tiger Sharks can break a sea turtle’s shell.
Tiger Sharks look like a tiger that is a shark and it is 14 feet long. It eats sea snakes, fish, seals, squid, other sharks, and birds. Some adult sharks don’t have stripes.

10 Whale Sharks They have 300 rows of teeth.
They squeeze the water out through gills and take in the oxygen. Whale Sharks are the biggest.

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