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Dolphins By Megan Gianunzio.

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1 Dolphins By Megan Gianunzio

2 Introduction The name of my animal is a Dolphins. It’s species is a mammal. Physical features: Dolphins have smooth gray skin and sharp teeth. Lifespan endangered? Dolphins are not endangered. Lifespan is Habitat-almost all dolphins live in the ocean the salt water keep’s their skin smooth and soft.

3 Climate: Warm in the summer and cool in the winter.
Landform: Most dolphins like to live in the ocean some live in rivers.

4 Food Dolphins eat little fish ,squid and shrimp. Dolphins grab their food with their sharp teeth. Prey and predator: Predator fish ,squid and shrimp prey of sharks.

5 Babies Reproduction: Female dolphins have babies under water.

6 Behavior Dolphins that are trained act good, wild dolphins act bad.
Behavioral-how it acts: dolphins hunt the waters to get food.

7 Adaptation Adaptation Physical-what it looks like:
Dolphins have very sharp teeth for eating two eyes to help it see a blow hole to help it breath

8 Fun Facts Did you know ….. Dolphins can jump 16 feet and 5 meters out of the water. There over 30 different kinds of dolphins in the world.

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