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I am The Great white Shark

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1 I am The Great white Shark
By: Jordan Dieringer & Dontrell Smith

2 My NAme Im the Great White Shark
Scientists call me Carcharodon Carcharias The genus name Carcharodon is derived from the Greek “karcharos” = sharpen and “odous” = teeth. The species name carcharias, also translated from Greek, means point or type of shark, leading to its common name in Australia of the white pointer.

3 My Physical Traits I have a rounded body that looks like a torpedo with fins. I am grey, blue, and brown on the top and white on the bottom. I can have up to 300 teeth in many rows. I am the only species of shark that stick there heads out of water, but nobody knows why. I can grow up to 20 feet long, and can weigh more than 5,000 lbs.

4 My Predators I am enemies with humans, because they try to hunt my kind for our meat, leather, shark fin soup, and teeth necklaces. I am also don’t get along with humpback whales, we have been enemies for many years. One of my worst enemies are dolphins because when I try to attack a dolphin they travel in packs so sometimes its like I'm being hunted. Sometimes I even get attacked by my own kind.

5 My diet and food I am a carnivore.
I don’t have much of a diet I will eat pretty much any meat. But I eat a lot of are fish, dolphins, sea otters, and other sharks

6 My Reproduction People really don’t know much about how my kind reproduces. We are known as adult sharks when we reach the age of 15. Many investigators used to believe that my kind didn’t live for more than 30 years, but later they had found that some of my kind can live up to 70 years or more. Many have tried to study the birth of my kind, but no births have ever been caught on camera. We are ovoviviparous, which means we lay eggs that develop and hatch.

7 Where I'm found and Where I migrate
I am found in almost all coastal and offshore waters. Where I am research the most is in Dyer Island, South Africa. When I migrate, I go to a place between Baja California and Hawaii Known as the White shark café. I will stay at the café for 100 days before I migrate back to Baja.

8 How I protect myself Most of the time I can out smart my attackers, because I have a highly developed brain. I also swim to the bottom of the ocean, with my dark skin I can use it as a camouflage. My best senses are my sight, smell and hearing, to help get away from attackers but also to help me get a meal. The way I defend myself is by using powerful body slams and vicious bites. My main goal in battle is to tear my attacker apart, for me the best defense is a great offense.

9 I am endangered I am endangered, because there are many men always trying to hunt me down. My kind is more endangered then tigers, we were also put on the vulnerable list by the world conservation union. My population have dropped at a rapid speed, there are now only of us individuals.

10 Cool facts about me At 20ft long I have over 4,000lbs of bite force.
I am one of the smartest creatures in the ocean. I am the largest predatory fish in the world. I can swim up to 15mph. I don’t chew on my food I swallow whole chunks.

11 My adaptations body layout

12 My main adaptations for survival
Size- I am one the biggest creatures in the ocean, that means I can use my size to my advantage. Color- I come in a few different colors, but most of the colors in come in are dark so I can use that to blend in with the deep ocean waters. Skin- I have very thick skin, which helps me in battle. Jaws- I have very powerful jaws, that can put down a lot of bite force. Teeth- I have many of very sharp teeth in many rows, which helps me tear apart my prey and my attackers.


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