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Kings, Queens and Rulers of Great Britain 1066-present.

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1 Kings, Queens and Rulers of Great Britain 1066-present

2 William the Conqueror Born 1027 Took the English throne in 1066 Built the Tower of London Introduced feudalism Died 1087

3 William Rufus William the Second, son of the Conqueror, called ‘Rufus’ because of his red hair. Not a well-liked king - called ‘cruel’ and tyrannical’. May have been murdered while out hunting.

4 Henry the First – ‘Beauclerk’ Born 1068 came to throne 1100, died 1135 Brother of William Rufus A good administrator and tax collector His son drowned on the ‘White Ship’ in 1120 Left the throne to Mathilda who married Geoffrey Plantagenet. Henry’s Lords disagreed with this choice and they offered the throne to Stephen.

5 King Stephen Born 1097 came to the throne in 1135 A weak ruler His nobility sided with the Scots against him Left the throne to Mathilda’s and Geoffrey Plantagenet’s son Died 1154

6 Henry the Second Reigned from October 1154-89 Had Thomas Becket assassinated Introduced trial by jury An efficient administrator

7 Richard the Lion Heart Reigned 1189-99 Spent much of his reign outside England Joined the Third Crusade Portrayed as a romantic figure Died April 6 1199

8 King John Born 1167 Reigned 1199-1216 Signed the Magna Carta Ruled at the time of Robin Hood Lost the Crown Jewels while fleeing across The Wash

9 Henry the Third Born 10 October 1206 Came to the throne aged 9 Reigned from 1216-1272 Survived the Simon De Montfort rebellion Died 1272

10 Edward the First Born 17 June 1239 Nicknamed ‘Longshanks’ Married to Eleanor Subdued the Welsh Known as the ‘Hammer of the Scots' Fought against William Wallace and Robert the Bruce Died in 1298

11 Edward the Second Born 25 April 1284 Had homosexual favourites Came to throne in 1307 Had four sons; three died before him Led his army to a loss at the Battle of Bannockburn His wife led a rebellion against him Horribly murdered 11 October 1327

12 Edward the Third Chaucer The Black Prince The Black Death Born 13 November 1312 Reigned 1327-77 Began the Hundred Years War Father of John of Gaunt Black Death Chaucer Chivalry instituted Founded the ‘Order of the Garter’ Died 12 June 1377 Ruled for 58 years

13 Richard the Second Born 6 January 1367 Highly inbred Came to the throne aged 10 on 16 July 1377 Son of the Black Prince and the Fair Maid of Kent 1381 Wat Tyler Married at 15, no children 1399 murdered by starvation

14 Henry the Fourth Born April 1366 Ruled 1399-1413 Had seven children Made Knight of the Garter 1377 Short, stocky, red-brown hair Had to fight to keep his throne Battle of Shrewsbury Died from disfiguring disease on 20 March 1413

15 Henry the Fifth Born 16 Sept 1387 A good soldier Subject of a Shakespeare play Battle of Agincourt A popular king Fell ill with dysentery Died 31 August 1422 Lollard uprising

16 Henry the Sixth Born 6 Dec 1421 Crowned aged 8 Joan of Arc 1453 Became mentally ill Died 22 May 1471

17 Edward the Fourth Born 1442 Had 10 children Renewed the claim on France Printing press arrived Died 1483

18 Edward the Fifth Born 1470 Came to throne April 1483 Reigned for two months One of the Princes in the Tower Skeleton found 1674

19 Richard the Third Born 1452 Put the Princes into the Tower Alienated Henry Tudor Concluded the Wars of the Roses Died in battle at Bosworth 22 August 1485

20 Henry the Seventh Born 28 January 1457 Married Elizabeth of York 1486 Father of Arthur, Henry, Margaret and Mary Died 1509 Reigned 24 years Established Court of the Star Chamber

21 Henry the Eighth

22 Edward the Sixth Born 12 October 1537 Came to throne January 1547 Dedicated Protestant Became ill with measles and smallpox Developed TB Persuaded to favour Jane Grey Died 6 January 1553

23 Jane Grey Born October 1537 Married 25 May 1553 Crowned 9 July 1553 aged 15 Challenged by Mary Tudor and arrested Executed 12 February 1554

24 Bloody Mary Born 1516 Became Queen in 1553 Married Philip of Spain 1555 Wanted to return England to Catholicism Burned over 300 people Died 1558

25 Elizabeth the First Born 7 Sept 1533 Became Queen November 1558 Religiously tolerant Robert Dudley Ridolfi Plot 1571 Babington Plot 1586 Spanish Armada 1588 Robert Devereaux Died 24 March 1603

26 James the First Born 19 June 1566 Became king aged 14 months Married Anne of Denmark and was survived by 3 children English throne 1603 Believed in Divine Right 1605 Gunpowder Plot Had favourites 1611 King James Bible Died 27 March 1625

27 Charles the First Born 19 November 1600 Spoke with a stammer Five feet four, weak legs Became King March 1625 Married Catholic Henrietta Maria on 12 June 1625 Entered into Civil War 1642 Executed January 1649

28 Oliver Cromwell Born 1599 Puritan Became an MP Involved in Civil War against Charles 1 Ruled alone 1655 Lord Protector Died Sept 3 1658 Prince Rupert Fairfax

29 Charles the Second Born 29 May 1630 Exiled in France 1646 Crowned King of Scotland January 1651 Restored to monarchy 23 May 1660 Called the ‘Merrie Monarch’ Had many mistresses- Nell Gwynn Plague 1665 Great Fire of London 1666 The Popish Plot Converted to Catholicism on his deathbed Died 6 Feb 1685

30 James the Second Born 14 October 1633 Married Anne Hyde Two daughters Mary and Anne Became King 1685 Monmouth Rebellion A committed Catholic William of Orange 1688 The Glorious Revolution Died August 1701 Monmouth

31 William and Mary William born 1650 Mary born 1662 Married 1667 1688 Glorious Revolution Mary died of smallpox 1694 William died 7 March 1702

32 Anne Born 6 Feb 1664 Had a squint Married George of Denmark 28 July 1683 Had Blenheim Palace for John Churchill 1707 Act of Union created Great Britain Died 1 August 1714

33 George the First Born 28 March 1660 Married 1682 Died 11 October 1727

34 George the Second Born 10 November 1683 Married 1705 1706 Order of the Garter Became King 11 June 1727 Last King to lead troops into battle 1745 Jacobite Rebellion Died 25 October 1760

35 George the Third Born 4 June 1738 Became King 1760 Married Charlotte 8 September 1761 Produced 15 children Suffered mental illness Lost the American colonies Son appointed as Regent Died 16 February 1820

36 George the Fourth Born 12 August 1762 Eldest of 14 children Secretly married Maria Fitzherbert 8 April 1795 Married Princess Caroline Daughter Charlotte born 7 January 1796 Prince Regent for 10 years Known as ‘Prinny’ Became King 29 January 1820 Died 26 June 1830

37 William the Fourth Born 21 August 1765 Joined the navy Duke of Clarence Lived with actress Dorothy Jordan and had 10 children with her Married Princess Adelaide 13 July 1818 No legitimate heirs 1832 Great Reform Act Died 20 June 1837

38 Victoria Born 24 May 1819 Became Queen 20 June 1837 Married 10 May 1840 Carried haemophilia Instituted the Victoria Cross Albert died in 1861 Died 22 January 1901

39 Edward the Seventh Born 9 November 1841 Married 1863 to Alexandra of Denmark Had 6 children Became King in 1901 Died 1910

40 George the Fifth Born 3 June 1865 Joined the navy Married May of Teck 6 July 1893 Became King 1910 Took the name Windsor in 1917 Died 20 January 1936

41 Edward the Eighth Born 23 June 1894 Became Prince of Wales July 1911 Became King 1936 Abdicated 10 December 1936 Became Duke of Windsor Married Wallis Simpson 3 June 1937 Had some sympathy for the Nazis Exiled to France Died 28 May 1972

42 George the Sixth Born 14 December 1895 Known as ‘Bertie’ 1920 Duke of York Withdrawn, nervous, stammer 1913 joined the navy Married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon April 1923 Two daughters Became King on 12 May 1937 Died 6 February 1952

43 Queen Elizabeth the Second

44 Bibliography Delderfield, Eric. R. Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain, David and Charles, London,1991,

45 The End

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