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The Awesome Lenni Lenape

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1 The Awesome Lenni Lenape
Jacob, Alex and Jennifer

2 Lenni Lenape meaning The meaning of Lenape is true people.
They are also referred to the Delaware Indians

3 Clothing The men wore tied belts , leggings , they would where feathers in there hair and face paint and mohawks. The women wore a braid or bun in there hair . They also would wear a wrapped skirt made from animal hide.

4 Lenni Lenape food Their meat got cooked by putting pots over fire with meat inside. The ladies planted crops The three important crops were corn, beans, and squash The men hunted for food and went fishing

5 Lenni Lenape housing They lived in wigwams and long houses
They built their houses in villages protected with palisades. They made their longhouses out of bark, animal hide or grass as a long structure. Wigwams were made in a dome shape structure.

6 Lenni Lenape tools They threw spears to kill animals like deer.
They also used arrow heads for bows and arrows to kill animals. They hunted fish with fish weirs.

7 Lenni Lenape Arts and Crafts
They made bead work headbands. Lenape made music from instruments they crafted. The kids made dolls as toys. They made baketry to hold there food

8 Lenni Lenape Something Awesome
The Lenni Lenape smoked tobacco at tobacco ceremonies. They were skilled at healing people when they are hurt They had certain burial customs Lenape spoke Unami and went on vision quests.

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