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Eastern Woodlands Indians

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1 Eastern Woodlands Indians
By: Caitlynn Strunk, Courtney Staley, Gracie Strunk, Amber Coffey, Dirk Kilgore, Alex Bryant

2 Eastern Woodlands Indian Homes
* The Eastern Woodland Indians lived east of Mississippi River. They built their house’s near water. They had to live near water so they could have a way to travel. They also had to get water for cooking, bathing, and cleaning. They lived in longhouses and pit houses. Longhouses could hold up to 50 ~ 60 people. Pit houses were a dome shape.

3 What Eastern Woodlands Indians Ate
The Eastern Woodland Indians hunted, farmed, and gathered berries. They hunted deer, buffalo, and beaver. They grew corn, beans, and squash. They called these the three sisters.

4 Eastern Woodlands Indian’s Clothing
The Eastern Woodland Indians wore animal skins. They skinned deer and used the hide to make clothing.

5 The Eastern Woodland Indian’s Tools
The Eastern Woodland Indians used bow and arrows to hunt. They sharpened arrowheads to make them sharp to kill their prey. These are some of the tools they used

6 The Eastern Woodland Indians Baskets
The Eastern Indians made baskets from wood bark. They used them to carry water and hold food.

7 The Eastern Woodland Indians Culture
The Eastern Woodland Indians had a unique way of life. They had ceremonial dances and songs if their hunting day was a success.

8 Eastern Woodland Indian’s Pottery
The Eastern Woodland Indians made pottery out of clay. They used the pottery to hold water and food.

9 Eastern Woodland Indians Common Resources
* Different Tribes of Native Americans lived in the Eastern Woodlands. However they all shared an important natural resource. They used trees to make canoes and shelters. They carved tools and weapons out of wood as well.

10 Eastern Woodland Indians Life
The Eastern Woodland Indians cultural region stretched from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean. The region’s name came from the thick forest’s that once covered this land.

11 The Eastern Woodland Indians Hunting
The Eastern Woodland Indians hunted deer and turkeys. They used bow and arrows to kill their prey.

12 Summary * The Eastern Woodland Indians built their homes near water.
They hunted deer. Then they skinned the hide for clothing. They made baskets to hold their food. They used clay to make their pottery to hold their drinking water. They just killed the amount of food that was needed.

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