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Fashion is constantly changing.

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1 Fashion is constantly changing.
Fashion Statements TIP Fashion is constantly changing. It is anything that is currently “in”.

2 Fashion Fashion is a particular style that is popular at a given time.


4 Style Style refers to the shape of a particular item of clothing that makes it easy to recognize. Each person develops their own over time Lapels=wide vs. narrow Sleeves and pant legs=tight vs. full Skirt lengths

5 Cycle of Skirt Length

6 Style

7 Classic A classic is a traditional style that stays in fashion for a very long time.


9 TIP Fad A fad is a fashion that is very popular for only a short time.
Fads help teens express two important needs: To belong to a group Express their own individuality TIP Color Accessories Miniskirts Baggy pants

10 Fad

11 Avant-Guarde A French expression that in the clothing industry means being ahead of fashion. Daring and unconventional “far out” do not appeal to most people ex. Cut out clothing, bright hair colors, extreme lip color

12 Avant-Guarde

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