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Bell Ringer Ramiro has accepted three credit card invitations and now has three cards with limits of $7,000, $5,000, and $9,500. He currently has these.

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1 Bell Ringer Ramiro has accepted three credit card invitations and now has three cards with limits of $7,000, $5,000, and $9,500. He currently has these cards charged up to 75 percent of his limit. How much does he owe? 

2 Bell Ringer Answer $7,000 + $9,500, $5,000 = $21,500
$21,500 * 75% = $16,125 Ramiro owes $16,125 in total on his credit cards.

3 Fashion Tip of the Day Dress for First Class You want to be comfy, sure, but also chic enough to be tapped for an upgrade. A sharp blazer and scarf or a lightweight cashmere wrap is the unofficial uniform of jet-setters worldwide. To complete the outfit, just throw on jeans or leggings, then add flats, heels, or riding boots.

4 Agenda Bell Ringer / Agenda Fashion Classifications Assignment
Lecture / Discussion Fashion Trend Assignment

5 Vocabulary Fashion Cycle Fashion Movement Fashion Leaders
Trickle-Down Theory Trickle-Up Theory Trickle-Across Theory Fashion Trend Fad

6 Changing Fashions The consumer dictates the fashions that are produced.

7 The Fashion Cycle Fashion is the style that is most popular at a given time. Fashion Cycle  the period of time or lifespan during which the fashion exists, moving through five stages, from introduction to obsolescence.

8 The Fashion Cycle To understand the different phases, you must understand style, acceptance, and timeliness of fashions. Style  is the particular look, shape, or type of apparel item. Acceptance  leads to the style becoming a fashion. Timeliness  occurrence at the right time

9 Stages of the Fashion Cycle
Introduction Stage Rise Stage Peak Stage Decline Stage Obsolescence Stage

10 Introduction Stage Designs first previewed during fashion weeks are in this stage. New styles, colors, or textures are first introduced. A limited number of people accept these fashions. Fashion leaders wear the styles, which are offered at high prices and produced in small quantities.

11 Introduction Stage - Example

12 Rise Stage Manufacturers who copy new designer clothes will reproduce the styles as apparel that costs less by using less expensive fabrics or minimizing details. Fashions become accepted by more people because they can afford them. As consumer interest increases, additional manufacturers copy the fashion by adapting or changing some of the popular features. Mass production reduces the price of the fashion, and more sales result.

13 Rise Stage - Example

14 Peak Stage The fashion is at its most popular and accepted stage in the fashion cycle. Merchandise is mass produced and distributed. Prices are not necessarily at the lowest levels. Popularity of a fashion can determine how long it remains at this stage, it can survive longer is the fashion becomes a classic. Simple changes, like adding new details, color, or texture can keep the fashion at the peak stage.

15 Peak Stage - Example

16 Decline Stage Consumers eventually grow tired of certain fashions and desire something new. Consumer demand is decreasing. There are so many fashion items available that they have over saturated the market. If consumers still want to buy the fashion, they probably do not want to pay a high price. Fashion retailers begin to mark down the price of the merchandise to make room for new designs.

17 Decline Stage - Example

18 Obsolescence Stage The end of the fashion cycle.
Consumers are no longer interested in the fashion and find new looks, which signals the beginning of another fashion cycle. The price of the fashion product may be low at this point, but consumers will probably not buy the merchandise.

19 Obsolescence Stage - Example

20 Where is this in the fashion cycle?

21 Fashion Movement The only constant in the fashion world is that consumers look for new fashions and desire change. Fashion Movement  the ongoing motion of fashions moving through the fashion cycle. Influences: Economic and social factors, introduction to new fibers and fabrics, and advertising techniques

22 Old is New Again Some fashions never seem to fall to the decline or obsolescence stages of the fashion cycle – they just cycle around again. Example: Jeans Boot-cut, Baggy, Low-Rise, Flare, Skinny, etc.

23 Leading the Fashion Way
Fashion Leaders  the trendsetters, or individuals who are the first to wear new styles, after which the fashion is adopted by the general public. Most often these people are celebrities or people that gain a lot of media attention.

24 Theories of the Fashion Movement
Trickle-Down Theory Trickle-Up Theory Trickle-Across Theory

25 Fashion Trend Fashion Trend  the direction of the movement of fashion that is accepted in the marketplace.

26 Trickle-Down Theory The movement of fashion starts at the top with consumers of higher socioeconomic status and moves down to the general public. As more people begin to wear the fashions, those at the top become less interested in the fashion and begin looking for something new.

27 Trickle-Up Theory Movement of fashion starts with consumers on lower economic levels and then moves to consumers with high incomes. Athletic Apparel Style (Fitness became chic) Hair Style (Mop Top) Punk Style

28 Trickle-Across Theory
Fashion acceptance among several socioeconomic classes at the same time. Probable in the 21st century because technology allows designer fashions to be copied quickly and easily, making them available for all consumers.

29 Fashion Trends vs. Fads Fad  a fashion that is popular for a short period of time. The merchandise may be produced and sold at lower prices and is relatively easy to copy.

30 Fashion Cycle Assignment
Slide 1 – Title Slide Slide 2 – Draw the Fashion Cycle Slides – Definition of each stage and an image of a fashion item that corresponds with the stage. Slides 8 – 10 – Definition of each fashion movement trend and an image of a fashion item that corresponds with each movement.

31 Peak Rise Decline Introduction Obsolence

32 Introduction New styles, colors, or textures are first introduced at fashion weeks. Examples: Winged-Shoulder Vests and Tops Origami-like satin shapes that are mixed with leather.

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