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A look through the years

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1 A look through the years
Fashion A look through the years

2 A fashion is a style that is currently popular with consumers.

3 Style Refers to a particular design, shape or type of garment or apparel item Exp. Skirt A-line Pleated Gathered

4 TREND Direction which a particular change or fashion is moving
Changes each year can last 3-7 years Widths of pants, collars, neck ties,

5 Fad a temporary, passing fashion
This is a picture of the paper clothing that was a fad in the 60’s

6 Fad Usually extreme styles Bright colors Large accesories
The popular model Twiggy from the 60’s

7 Fad 50’s fads Capris Full skirts

8 Fad 60’s fad The baby doll look 60’s fad
Right picture- mod fashion, short skirts Mary quant-the baby doll look

9 Fad Bell bottoms from the 60’s

10 Fad Hip huggers from the 60’s, and now they are back in style!! Fashion cycle

11 Fad Platform shoes from the 70’s

12 Fad Leg warmers from the 80’s

13 Fad Acid washed jeans from the 80’s

14 Fad Colored jeans from the early 90’s

15 Fad

16 Fad Slap bracelets and jelly shoes

17 Fad Trouser socks with short skirts from the 90’s

18 Classic Simple in design Never go out of fashion
May experience slight alterations through the years, but basically the same

19 Classic 50’s Straight skirt Blazer top 50’s

20 Blazer Blazer is a classic
The color or fabric may change but the style basically stays the same.

21 Pencil skirt The simple staight edges of a pencil skirt make it a classic

22 Classic 60 ‘s Simple black dress

23 Simple black dress The simple black dress today

24 Sheath Dress

25 Sweater Set

26 Pea Coat

27 White Collared Shirt

28 Straight Leg Pants

29 Jeans

30 Fashion Cycle Popular then Unacceptable
Trendsetter- leads or sets example

31 Activity Look through magazines and find examples of two fads and two classics. Paste them to a page and describe why each example is a fad or a classic Include Definition of Fad and Classic on your portfolio page 20 points

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