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Fashion Cycles HNC3CI – Mrs. Crowell.

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1 Fashion Cycles HNC3CI – Mrs. Crowell

2 The Fashion Cycle Graph
A style moves through stages from the time it is introduced until consumer interest in the style ends. The time lapse for this cycle is not the same for every style.

3 Style Style refers to the characteristics that distinguish one particular item of clothing from another. Some styles may be very fashionable today. Others may be outdated this year, but ‘in’ the next.

4 Style For example, jeans are a specific style of pants.
Jeans vary in style: boot-cut, flare, skinny, baggy, etc.

5 Classic Certain styles stay in fashion for a long time. These are known as classics. Styles that become classics are usually simpler and less innovative than others. Simple details might change (such as buttons or fabrics), but the basic shape is the same.

6 Classic Examples of classic style: the basic blazer, the tailored shirt, the black high heel, the trench coat, etc.

7 Fad A fashion that is only popular for a short time is called a fad.
Fad items are usually less expensive than others. ‘Fads’ can include certain colours, accessories, shoes, or styles of clothing. Fads in clothing are common. Short miniskirts, cropped tops, high or low waist jeans, and the ‘let your thong show’…are all examples.

8 Fad For example, in the 1980’s, fads included things like neon colours, leg warmers, jelly shoes, and colourful blazers.

9 Haute Couture The dress-making industry that creates the most fashionable, expensive and exclusive designer clothing is called haute couture. Haute couture started in Paris in the 1770’s. Haute couture clothes are original designs that can cost thousands of dollars. High fashion designers and couture houses hold fashion shows twice a year to display their innovative and elaborate designs.

10 Haute Couture Many construction techniques are still done by hand in the designer’s atelier (workroom). The fabrics are the finest available and each garment is perfectly measured to the customer.

11 Haute Couture Haute couture is especially important in the fashion cycle as it is considered to be the innovative spirit of design that has a huge influence on the pret-a-porter (ready to wear) looks that end up being sold in stores. Celebrities wear Haute Couture designs on the red carpet…which has a huge impact on the popularity of the colours, designs and originality of each look.

12 Haute Couture – 2013 Jantaminau & Van Herpen

13 Haute Couture – 2013 Dior – Runway to Red Carpet

14 The Secret World of Haute Couture
In order to gain a better understanding of the fashion cycle, we are going to watch a BBC documentary on the exclusive world of couture clothing.

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