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Fashion Vocabulary.

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1 Fashion Vocabulary

2 Fashion The current acceptable style.
The prevailing type of clothing that is favored by a large segment of the public.

3 Accessories Articles added to complete or enhance an outfit.
Examples: shoes, jewelry, belt, handbags

4 Avant-garde Daring designs that are unconventional and startling.
Usually disappear after a few years.

5 Classic An item of clothing that satisfies a basic need and continues to be in fashion over an extended period of time. Timeless

6 Design A specific version or variation of a style.
Garment parts and elements combined to create a fashion style concept.

7 Draped Fabric that is wrapped or hung on the body and usually held in place with pins, buttons, sash or a belt.

8 Fad or Craze A temporary, passing fashion.
An item that has great appeal to many people for a short period of time.

9 Fashion Cycle A cycle of rise, popularization and decline of a particular style. Introduction, rise, peak, decline and outdated

10 peak rise outdated

11 Garment Any article of clothing.
Examples: coat, pants, shirt, skirt, suit

12 Haute Couture French term meaning “fine sewing”.
The finest of dress making. These are usually original, one of a kind and expensive designs.

13 Ready to Wear Clothing that is mass produced in standard sizes and sold to customers without custom alterations. This is a line by Jean Paul Gaultier for Target.

14 Style A particular design, shape or type of an apparel item.
The style of a garment is determined by the distinct features that create the overall appearance.

15 Tailored Made by cutting pieces of fabric and then sewing them together to fit the body.

16 Trend The movement of fashion into and through the marketplace.

17 Wardrobe All of the apparel a person owns including all garments and accessories.

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