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objectives Learn anatomical terms

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1 objectives Learn anatomical terms
Student will identify the various positions on their playdoh man Students will identify the position in the myo therapy exercise Learn various body positions

2 positions Semi fowlers: 45 degree angle, knees may be bent
Fowlers sitting upright Sims Prone supine trendelenburg

3 Distal and proximal Distal means further from the point of reference.
Example: wrist or carpals are distal to the elbow Proximal: close to the point of reference The top of the ulna is proximal to the elbow

4 Lateral means to the outside of the body
Example the outer thigh is lateral Medial: the inside or closer to the body Example the inner thigh is medial

5 Body movements Abduct: to move away from Adduct: to move toward
Extend to straighten Flex to bend

6 Body planes Transverse plane:horizontal plane that divides the body into top and bottom half. Superior and inferior. Superior is above the site and inferior is below. The nose is superior to the mouth. The nose is inferior to the eyes

7 Cranial refers to the head
Caudal refers to the sacral area

8 Coronal plane The frontal or coronal plane divides the body into front and back sections. Body parts in the front plane are called ventral or anterior . The back plane is called dorsal or posterior

9 Ventral cavities Divided into thoracic and abdominal cavity
It is divided by the diaphragm

10 Abdominal cavity The abdominal cavity is divided into upper and lower area. The upper abdominal cavity contains the stomach, small intestine, most of the large intestine, liver, and gall bladder. Pancreas and spleen.

11 The lower abdominal cavity
Also called the pelvic cavity. Contains the urinary bladder,reproductive organs, and the rest of the large intestines.

12 Abdominal quadrants The abdomen is divided into quadrants. RUQ LUQ

13 Other terms related to the ventral area
Right and left hypochondriac area Means directly below the ribs Hypo= below

14 Epigastric area epi+= above Gastric= stomach Above stomach
Hypo gastric= below stomach

15 Right and left iliac region is the umbilical region.

16 Find the following locations on your ginger man using a toothpick
Distal to the shoulder but proximal to the elbow

17 Lateral to the femur

18 Medial to the humerus

19 Superior to the heart

20 Ventral thigh

21 Dorsal leg

22 Flex the leg

23 Extend the leg

24 Abduct the arm

25 Adduct the arm

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