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December 2012 Chris Williams KDE:OAA:CW:12/20121.

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1 December 2012 Chris Williams KDE:OAA:CW:12/20121

2 Student Data Review and Reporting Application (SDRR) is open for any roster changes. If districts make demographic changes to the SDRR roster, then the district must also make the change in IC. OAA will pull files in IC about EL enrollment in the districts on January 2, 28 and February 4. EL counts need to be accurate. ACCESS for ELLs® Rosters 2 KDE:OAA:CW:12/2012

3 Must reflect student enrollment during the ACCESS testing window and verify in SDRR that the student was tested All EL students tested and enrolled in the district need to be on the roster No RFEP, IFEP or exited LEP should be on the roster Exit criteria is a 5.0 on a Tier B or C and 4.0 or higher Literacy Composite Proficiency Level No longer ELLs- placed on 2 year monitoring status - no testing with ACCESS for ELLs® ACCESS for ELLs® Rosters 3 KDE:OAA:CW:12/2012

4 Any new student enrolling in the district after the additional ordering date-January 25- should be tested if materials are available and time permits. If student was not tested, the district will need to annotate on the roster that the W-APT was administered and the reason student did not get tested. W-APT scores need to be entered into IC. SDRR opened on December 10 and will close on March 4. Districts will make annotations and fill out exemptions. Rosters 4 KDE:OAA:CW:12/2012

5 If a student moves prior to the testing window, delete the student from the ACCESS roster. If the student was deleted and re-enrolls in your district just go to the deleted file (trash can icon at the bottom of the student listing) and put the student back on your roster. If students move into your district during the ACCESS testing window, verify with the previous district if the student has been tested and add the student to your roster. Districts should not re-test students or test students before the testing window starts. If a student is tested twice, the first district who completed testing will receive that student’s scores; the other scores will not be counted. Rosters 5 KDE:OAA:CW:12/2012

6 Rosters If a student moves out of state during the testing window and has not completed testing or if a student moves and the district applied the label already to the test booklet Write DO NOT SCORE with a black permanent marker on the front of the student’s test booklet Put the test booklets behind the Non-Scorable Header Form Mark under exemptions moved out of state on the ACCESS roster in SDRR Do not send back to MetriTech any blank test booklets to be scored KDE:OAA:CW:12/20126

7 7 Welcome Page

8 Roster Login Panel 8 KDE:OAA:CW:12/2012

9 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 7/27/20129 Main or Home Page

10 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 7/27/201210 Navigation Panel

11 11 KDE:OAA:CW:12/2012 Change demographic information directly on the screen by double-clicking on the item to be changed Change accountability information by double-clicking on the accountable school and giving details on the pop-up screen Opening a ticket using the card icon is no longer necessary Be careful when selecting tested and acct. school

12 12 KDE:OAA:CW:12/2012 Hover over with your mouse to see what accom. mean

13 Annotations 13 KDE:OAA:CW:12/2012 Documenting what happens during testing

14 Medical- fill out the form in SDRR under exemptions, keep hard copy on file, mark on the roster yes under the exemption field and do not send back a test booklet Extraordinary Circumstances- fill out the form in SDRR under exemptions, keep hard copy on file, mark on the roster yes under the exemption field and do not send back a test booklet Deaf and Hard of Hearing- bubble in listening and speaking under special education in the do not score section on the ACCESS test booklet. The students are still required to take the reading and writing sections of the ACCESS test Exemptions for ACCESS 14 KDE:OAA:CW:12/2012

15 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 7/27/201215 Main or Home Page

16 Ticket Notifications To DAC via e-mail each morning In Message Center Toolbox on the Home or Main page in SDRR KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 7/27/201216

17 Toolbox: Messaging KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 7/27/201217

18 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 7/27/201218 Transfers will be blank until changes are made Toolbox: Transfers

19 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 7/27/201219 TK Info: Hovering will display Ticket History. Ticket Listing

20 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 7/27/201220 New Filter! Denied Ticket(s) All Tickets (Default) Open Tickets New Ticket In Progress User Updated Pending Review Review Complete User Closed Ticket(s) Auto Approved Ticket(s) Filtering Tickets

21 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 7/27/201221 Click on Red X to Close a Ticket Update or Close a Ticket

22 Pending Ticket Update Screen KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 7/27/201222

23 Contact Information Chris Williams Office of Assessment and Accountability Division of Support and Research (502) 564-4394 23 KDE:OAA:CW:12/2012

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