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Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco In-State Manufacturers Monthly Report.

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1 Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco In-State Manufacturers Monthly Report

2 Log in with the user id and password provided through the EDS registration process and click on the Login button. If you have not registered, click on the New User? link. If you cannot remember password, click on Forgot Password? Logging Into EDS

3 Click on the link under File a New Report. Filing a New Report

4 The In-State Manufacturers Monthly Report combines the three pages of the paper report. The data entered into the Report Detail tab will be automatically calculated on the Summary of Transactions screen. Differences from Paper Reporting

5 The General Information tab will auto populate with information provided during the registration process. A Reporting Period month and year must be selected. A selection from the Amended? pull down menu is also required. Only if the report gets amended, should Yes be selected from the dropdown box. Add the Report Submitted By name, which is the person verifying the submitted information. Completing the General Information Tab

6 In the Report Detail there is a drop down box for Transaction Type. Select the appropriate transaction and complete the required fields, designated by the asterisks. Add Transaction should be selected. After each entry has been added, they will be listed individually. Under Product Transaction Summary the entries will be summed up. Report Detail Overview

7 Using the Lookup Feature There are two ways to search for licenses via the Lookup feature. If the license number is known, enter in the Florida License/Permit # field and select the Lookup button. If the name of the company is known, enter the entire or part of the name in the Name of Supplier/Purchaser field and select Lookup. If neither option produces the needed results, a list of licenses can found using the following link: If you still do not find what you need, contact the EDS Help desk at

8 Multiple Lookup Results In the event of multiple returns from using the Lookup feature, select the appropriate Business Name using the radio button to the left of the name and select OK at the bottom of the Select your license screen. If you do not see your license, select Cancel and contact the EDS Help Desk at EDS.SUPPORT@MYFLORIDALICENSE.COM. Supply the name and address of the business if possible. EDS.SUPPORT@MYFLORIDALICENSE.COM

9 No Results Using the Lookup Feature If an invalid or unrecognized license number is entered, a red error message displays, Invalid License # for this report! or No matching record found for this License Number!.

10 Adding a Transaction After a transaction has been entered, each will appear individually underneath the entry fields as well as totaled under the Product Transaction Summary section.

11 Deleting Entries An entry cannot be changed; it can only be deleted using the red radio button at the far right of the entries.

12 On the Summary of Transactions tab enter applicable data into the white, editable fields. Summary

13 Saving Your Report To save your report select Continue to Review & Confirm at the bottom of the Summary of Transactions screen. On the Review & Confirm screen select the Save button. Do not exit the report until Save is selected.

14 Confirming a Saved Report When the In-State Manufacturers report is saved, EDS will automatically navigate to the confirmation page that verifies the report was saved. The report can be immediately accessed again by selecting Home, selecting My Reports or selecting Click here to view your saved Report.

15 Helpful Hints! Save your report often. This helps guard against data loss and is considered a best practice. TIP: If you are going to pause the report activity for more than ten minutes, save the report and close out of EDS altogether.

16 Screen shot of home page showing Saved Work link. To access a saved report, select this link. Accessing a Saved Report

17 Review & Confirm Verify that the information is accurate. Select Save and the click Submit Report.

18 After Submit Report is selected, a confirmation message will display - You have successfully submitted the report. Successful Submission

19 Accessing a Submitted Report Accessing a submitted report can be done either through selecting the Home or My Reports link at the top of the screen.

20 Amending a Submitted Report To amend a submitted report, open the link under Submitted Work. On the General Information tab, change the Amended? field to Yes and proceed to make the necessary report changes before saving again and then resubmitting.

21 Resources You may research license/permit numbers from the Alcoholic Beverages and Tobaccos webpage. For more information on filing electronically:

22 Technical Support EDS.SUPPORT@MYFLORIDALICENSE.COM Contact EDS Support for technical questions or to report a problem. If you need assistance filling out a report, contact your district office.

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