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High School Data Review Grades 9-12 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 1.

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2 High School Data Review Grades 9-12 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 1

3 2 Schools and districts will have opportunity to review student data for accountability, exemptions and demographics before public reporting. All dates are tentative. Planned release to schools and districts is late September-early October. OAA is adding a brief data review window with the release to schools. (September 27-October 3) Public release is planned for mid-October. High School Cleanup (EOC, Writing at grades 10 and 11, ACT grade 11 2012, Alternate) August 21-29 College and Career Readiness measures for graduates August 23-29 Data Review Fall 2012

4 Data Review Process KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 3

5 Prioritizing Your Data Review Schools and districts may review all available student information. OAA encourages focus on these priorities. Step 1 Accountability & Exemptions (Priority One) Confirm your 100 day students that will contribute to your district or school accountability. Indicate any non-100 day students that should be removed from your accountability. File exemption per test, if needed. KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 4

6 100-Day Rule for High School Full Academic Year for high school assessments is based on the end of year summative test window. This is the date of the high school test window where the K-PREP On-Demand Writing was administered at grades 10 and 11. KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 5

7 Prioritizing Your Data Review Schools and districts may review all available student information. OAA encourages focus on these priorities. Step 2 Demographics (Priority Two) Check free-reduced lunch and students with disability status (IEP), since these have potential to change over time. Confirm ethnicity and race categories. KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 6

8 What to Ignore These fields are available and appear on the SDRR export to Excel, though OAA is not collecting this data: Accommodations Disability Type Lithocode KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 7

9 Accountability, Exemptions and Demographics Changing the accountability or demographic information for one assessment, transfers the information for all assessments taken by the student. An exemption must be filed for each test. KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 8

10 On-Demand Writing Grades 10-11 Filter Student Listing by Grade KPHS – K-PREP High School Check accountability & exemptions Check demographics KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 9 These changes are reflected for all other assessments taken by these students in Grades 10-11.

11 End-of-Course QualityCore Filter Student Listing by EOC Course Subject Check accountability, exemptions and demographics for students in grades 9 and 12. KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 10 Check students with EOC exemptions in grades 10 and11.

12 ACT – Junior Administration Filter Student Listing by ACT Check accountability & exemptions Check demographics KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 11 Check ACT Exemption requests.

13 College/Career Readiness Filter Student Listing by CCR Check accountability and demographics. KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 12 CCR applies to students with a G-Code marked in IC. Graduates 2012

14 Alternate K-PREP Alternate assessment students are included in the high school data. KPHS (includes AT and TAR) CCR (G-Code) ACT (exemption filed) KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 13 Be certain all Alternate Assessment Students in grades 9-12 are included in the data.

15 Two Sides of Data Review Student Listing Use the Student Listing to check 1.Accountability 2.Exemptions 3.Demographics Ticket Listing Use Ticket Listing to Update ticket information Close tickets opened in error Check ticket status KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 14

16 Accessing and Using SDRR KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 15

17 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 16 Welcome Page

18 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 17 Log In Panel

19 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 18 Main or Home Page

20 Student Data Review Tab KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 19

21 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 20 Navigation Panel

22 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 21 Change demographic and accountabilty information directly on the screen Students may have multiple records – one per assessment Alternate Assessment Students are marked Yes in the ALT column. Use Sort to check ALT students. Data Review Student Listing

23 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 22 Tested & Accountable Checkboxes Selected: Students tested here and accountable here Accountable Checkbox Selected: Students tested elsewhere and accountable here Tested Checkbox Selected: Students tested here and accountable elsewhere No Checkbox Selected (default): All students associated with school Filtering Students (Accountability)

24 Filtering Students (By Test) KPHS – K-PREP A-EOC = Algebra II B-EOC = Biology E-EOC = English 10 U-EOC = U.S. History CCR = G-Code ACT = ACT Admin 2012 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 23

25 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 24 From Home Page Data Review Tab From Navigation Panel Understanding Tickets

26 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 25 Main or Home Page

27 Ticket Notifications To DAC via e-mail each morning In Message Center Toolbox on the Home or Main page in SDRR KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 26

28 Toolbox: Messaging KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 27

29 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 28 Transfers will be blank until changes are made during Data Review Toolbox: Data Review Transfers

30 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 29 TK Info: Hovering will display Ticket History. Ticket Listing

31 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 30 New Filter! Denied Ticket(s) All Tickets (Default) Open Tickets New Ticket In Progress User Updated Pending Review Review Complete User Closed Ticket(s) Auto Approved Ticket(s) Filtering Tickets

32 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 31 Click on Red X to Close a Ticket Update or Close a Ticket

33 Pending Ticket Update Screen KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 32

34 SDRR Resources SDRR Data Review K-PREP Manual (Print a reference copy) Recorded Trainings Local WAAPOC for access to SDRR KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 33

35 Questions? Division of Support and Research (502) 564-4394 KDE:OAA:DSR:pp: 8/20/2012 34

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