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JJCO Online System MANUAL for Associate Editors. Table of Contents 1.Log In 2.Main Menu 3.Associate Editor Dashboard 4.Checking MS 5.Reviewer Selection.

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1 JJCO Online System MANUAL for Associate Editors

2 Table of Contents 1.Log In 2.Main Menu 3.Associate Editor Dashboard 4.Checking MS 5.Reviewer Selection 6.Reviewer Invitation 7.Reviewer Assignment 8.Checking Reviewer Comments 9.Making Recommendation Last Updated: July 2008

3 1. Log In Note: If you forgot your password, insert your email address here and your account info will be sent to you. 2. Insert User ID and Password and click “Log in”. 1. Access

4 2. Main Menu You will first come to the Main Menu. It will show relevant “centers” which you can use. Choose “Associate Editor Center” to work on a manuscript you have been assigned. Note: If you would like to change your password, go to Edit Account (a). If you need help, click on “Get help now” and a window will pop up with information and contact address at ScholarOne (b). To log out, click on log out (c). These tabs will be available in the upper right hand corner at all times. (a)(b)(c)

5 3. Associate Editor Dashboard When you have accessed your Editor Center, you will find the “Dashboard” where information on manuscripts assigned to you are found. There are 2 main features in the dashboard. They are described on the next page. (1) List of MSs (2) Search Function

6 3. Associate Editor Dashboard (cont’d) Awaiting Reviewer Selection: MSs you need to search for reviewers Awaiting Reviewer Invitation: MSs where you have listed potential reviewers, but have not sent an invitation email. Awaiting Reviewer Assignment: MSs where you have sent invitations but the reviewers have not responded. Awaiting Reviewer Scores: MSs where reviewers are reviewing. Overdue Reviewers Scores: MSs where reviewers have not turned in comments by due date. Awaiting Editor Decision: MSs where sufficient number of comments are turned in to make Decision. The dashboard will show you how many MSs you have at what step. Click on the list to see details.

7 3. Associate Editor Dashboard (cont’d) Search Function Note 1: Wild card search In this version, wild card search is available. By abbreviating words with an asterisk (*) you may search by incomplete word or by alphabet. Example: If you would like to search for all Manuscripts in 2007, you may do so by inserting “*07*” in the Manuscript ID. Or, if you like to search for a manuscript by an author whose name begins with an “A”, you may do so by inserting “A*” in the authors first or last name section. Note 2: For more detailed search, click on “Show Advanced Search” and more search terms will appear. You can search for a manuscript by typing in manuscript ID or title etc. and clicking on the Search button.

8 4. Checking MS Clicking on the “Awaiting Reviewer Selection” link on the Dashboard, the system will show you a list of MSs that requires selection of reviewers. Click on “Take Action” button to go to the necessary step.

9 4. Checking MS (cont’d) The tab on the top corner will show you what step you are on. The tabs on the left shows basic information of the manuscript. To view the manuscript, click on the HTML or PDF button. HTML is easier to read on screen, and PDF is better for printing out.

10 5. Reviewer Selection There are several ways to select reviewers. (1)Select the reviewer preferred (or non-preferred) by the authors. (2)Select reviewers through quick search. (3)Select reviewers through advanced search (4)Create an account for a new reviewer Detail of each are described in the following pages.

11 5. Reviewer Selection (1) Preferred or non-preferred reviewer If the author suggested referees for the manuscript, a list will show in the Author’s Preferred/Non-Preferred referees list. If you wish to select these people as reviewers, click on “Add” and Press on the “Add button” to list the person in the Reviewer List. (1) (2)

12 5. Reviewer Selection (2) Quick Search If you scroll down the screen, you will find Quick Search. Insert the last name or first name of the person, and click on search. You can do a wild card search here as well. (Wild card search is explained on page 7.) 1. Enter the first or last name of the reviewer. 2. Click “Search”

13 5. Reviewer Selection (3) Advanced Search If you scroll further down, you will see Advanced Search where you can find more search terms. Insert search terms and press on the search button. 1. Select “Reviewer” 2. Enter any items you wish to search 3. Click “Search”

14 5. Reviewer Selection (3) Search Results Detail If you click on the magnifying glass icon, detail will be shown as below. If you need more detail on the manuscripts reviewed by the reviewer, click on “Show Reviewer History” and the system will show you which manuscript the person reviewed, and how quickly.

15 5. Reviewer Selection (4) Create a new account If you search for a referee in other search engines and would like to add a new person, you may do so with the “Create Reviewer Account” function. Note: Please do a quick search for the person to ensure that you are not creating a duplicate account. Duplicate accounts cause system problems.

16 5. Reviewer Selection (4) Create a new account (cont’d) (1) Insert the name and email address of the person. Please make sure you choose a salutation, as that will be automatically reflected in email templates. If you know more information about the person, please click here and add information. (2) Click on “Create and Add” to create the account.

17 5. Reviewer Selection – Finishing Up Once you select reviewers by pressing on the “Add button”, the reviewers will be listed in the Reviewer list. You may remove the person by pressing the “Remove button” if you wish to select someone else. The action tab will now show “Invite Reviewers” to show that the reviewer Selection stage has been completed. A check mark will be filled out in the selections box. The reviewers you selected will be listed here.

18 6. Reviewer Invitation If you would like to invite the reviewer right after completing selection, please click on the “Invite” button, check the email that pops up, and send it to the reviewer by clicking on the “send e-mail” button. 1. Click Invite 2. Check the message 3. Click “Save and Send” to send.

19 6. Review Invitation (Cont’d) Once you send the invitation letter out, the status will change, and you will know that the step is completed. The status now says “Invited”

20 7. Reviewer Assignment Reviewers can respond whether they can review or not by clicking the url links provided in the invitation email. Their replies will be automatically reflected on the system. Status updated

21 7. Reviewer Assignment (cont’d) Required number of reviewers for JJCO is 2. To process the review, the number of agreed reviewers need to meet with the required number. If you need to process the review with less/more than 2 reviewers, please change the “# required to make decision” in “Progress” field. 1.Change the required number2. Click Save

22 8. Checking Reviewer Comments Once required number of reviews are received, you will receive email saying that the manuscript is ready for a recommendation to the Editor. Please access the system to check the review comments. (1) Go to Associate Editor Center (2) Click on “Awaiting AE Recommendation” link. (3) Click on Take Action

23 8. Checking Reviewer Comments (cont’d) To see referee comments, click on “View review” link.

24 9. Make Recommendation Note: comments inserted in this field will not be reflected on the decision mail. This section is for internal use only. Confirm the sheet for Make Recommendation, check the relevant recommendation and click on “submit” a recommendation. If you would like to save your comments and send it later, click on “Save as Draft”. 1. View Review Comment 2. Complete the Recommendation Sheet 3. Click “Submit” to send your recommendation.

25 Should you have any queries handling Manuscript Central, please contact the Editorial Office Editorial Office, JJCO Oxford Journals TEL:+81-3-5444-5858

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