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Submitting Book Chapters via Manuscript Central A Short Guide for Wiley-VCH Authors.

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1 Submitting Book Chapters via Manuscript Central A Short Guide for Wiley-VCH Authors

2 Are you the submitting author? If yes, please use the user name and continue with the rest of the slides. If no, please nominate one of your colleagues on your behalf. We will then ensure access is granted to the correct person as there is only one account per manuscript is generated.

3 What is Manuscript Central? Manuscript Central is a website similar to those used by the journals, with manuscript tracking capabilities. It allows manuscripts to be uploaded onto the website where they can be altered, edited or checked by both the author, editor and the publisher. It is designed to make manuscript submission easy.

4 Where does the process begin? In order to begin, you will be sent your User name by email. You then have to set your password to one of your own devising. You then come to the following screen:

5 Login Screen Enter your User ID Enter your password If necessary, request new password

6 What happens next? Once you have logged in, you will end up in your Author/Authoring Centre which looks like this:

7 Main Menu Click on Author Centre

8 In your author centre You will have to click on Invited Manuscripts. This will show you the agreed title of your manuscript (as in your contract) to be uploaded. Click on the Continue Submission button.

9 Author Centre Click on Invited Manuscripts Click on button Continue Submission If needed, click on „Get help now“

10 Next stage You will end up on a sequence of screens with Submit a Manuscript in the top left hand corner. Please note that some fields are filled in from information supplied earlier and cannot be changed.

11 Submission Screen 1 - Title Follow on-screen instructions Note: This is the planned title of your contribution and cannot be changed. You may enter alternative suggestions into the manuscript file

12 Submission Screen 4 – Details & Comments No changes needed on screens 2 and 3 Enter any additional notes here or attach a cover letter These are plan figures and cannot be changed, the checkboxes have to be marked

13 Manuscript Uploading Ensure that all authors are included in the main document with a contact address. Ideally we would prefer text, figures and tables to be submitted separately with indicators in the text as to their location. All figures CAN be grouped into one document and uploaded as one file. The same applies for tables.

14 Some file formats are not compatible and an error message will appear on the screen. Please note that depending on your network connections, this process may take some time.

15 Submission Screen 5 – File Upload Please select appropriate file designation for the file to be uploaded.

16 Submission Screen 6 – Review & Submit Check and review entries before completing submission

17 PDF Review PDF file of submitted manuscript can be viewed before submission is completed

18 Confirm Submission If you are sure, click OK and you‘re done!

19 Submitting a revision If a revised manuscript is required, you will receive an email which contains the suggested changes. Delete any files that you do not wish to keep and upload the new files as before.

20 We look forward to receiving your manuscript soon!

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