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1 I am Andrew Detwiler of GoBig Printing. We are a printing company located in San Diego California. For the last decade we have supplied an online Direct.

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1 1 I am Andrew Detwiler of GoBig Printing. We are a printing company located in San Diego California. For the last decade we have supplied an online Direct Mail Marketing & Fulfillment Portal for hundreds of companies.

2 2 What is a Marketing Portal? A “Marketing Portal” is a location “online” for you to customize & order Marketing Material for your business! “We design and or convert a companies Marketing Material to our “Smart Templates” and store them online. Users of this organization can “Privately” Access, Customize & Order what they want, when they want it! - 24/7! We’ll Print and Mail it for you, or ship it back to you in a box!

3 3 Are you a Printer? Although we are a “Printing” company, we are not just Printers! We are an innovative technology & communications company. We print and mail 5-8 Million Direct Mail pieces per month.

4 4 Secondly… We don't put random material on the site. When you log into one of our partner’s sites, you will only see their marketing material. We partner with companies that REALLY know how to market their business. That means that anything you see has been thoroughly tested for years by the best. It means that you "DON'T" have to think about it. The marketing material content has been created for you. We work with the company that brought you here to give you "The Best Marketing Material in YOUR INDUSTRY!"

5 5 Lastly… Our, (Scratch that) YOUR Marketing Material is built on our "Smart Templates." That means you can use the "default" great material YOUR company has created and / or tweak it slightly if you wish. WE TAKE THE GUESSING OUT OF MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS.

6 6 The Story… Mike Crow knows first hand the power and success of a Newsletter sent to clients on a monthly basis! He knows the benefits it would have for his Millionaire Inspector Community. He knows what you need to differentiate yourself from others in your business. AND…

7 7 The Story… He knows placing a “Word Doc” in the back office is not the most efficient use of your time.  You’d have to know how to edit it.  You’d have to know where to get it printed.  You’d have to know where and how to mail it!  You’d have to figure out how to edit a word doc without messing up all the layout specs…  You’d have to know how to apply stamps, labels, or whatever.. etc…etc…etc… Mike knows! He’s been there, done that!

8 8 The New Relationship Mike new there was a better way! This was frustrating to Mike, as he knows the power of communicating with a newsletter! His goal was to find a way for his Millionaire Inspector Community to Easily Access, Customize, Order & Distribute a monthly newsletter to their clients.

9 9 Welcome to… www. By:

10 10 Why a Newsletter? A monthly newsletter is a very easy, cheap way of keeping in constant contact with your Clients. It has a “Non – Salesy” approach to communicating with those that are currently doing business with you. It is filled with “lifestyle” content so your readers will have a universal interest. It has a collection of Stories, Tips, Quizes, Games, Q&A’s and other fun stuff on a whole bunch of topics, with direct response mechanisms within it to get them involved in reading it and contacting you.

11 11 Why is a monthly Newsletter so Powerful? If sent consistently it fosters a relationship between you and your Clients. It keeps you in the mind of your Clients when they need your service. A monthly newsletter is a great way to introduce new products or services.

12 12 Why is a monthly Newsletter so Powerful? It gives you a chance to continually inform & educate your Clients. It is a public forum to recognize and thank Clients who have referred others to you.  (This will increase the number of referrals you receive. If your Clients see that others refer you, they will too.) A newsletter is a must! It is an essential ingredient to keeping Clients and generating new ones. It is the most widely used marketing tool we provide (across all markets), for fostering repeat business and encouraging referrals.

13 13 Secrets to Maximizing Your Newsletter Although you are in a particular market like “Home Inspecting” – Sorry to say… that doesn’t mean your clients want to read about your industry.  Our newsletters don’t focus on boring technical articles, or other stuff that your Clients won’t be interested in reading. WE MAKE IT FUN & INTERESTING

14 14 Secrets to Maximizing Your Newsletter There is a method to our madness… We do know what we are doing… Be a human, not a “Big Marketing Firm” These newsletters are meant to look like you did them yourselves. They are not supposed to look like a fancy, glossy sales slick. They should look like you made it.

15 15 Make it Personal! This newsletter, when done the right way will make your clients feel like you are sending it just to them. That makes it a one to one relationship. We will place the recipients “First Name” in several spots on the newsletter. This will increase your “open & read” percentage.  IE: Dear Mary, You will also see on the first page a section for you to write in a personal note with a “hand writing” font.

16 16 Mention Clients by Name All of our businesses depend on referrals! Be sure to recognize those that referred your business! We built a “Referral” section into the newsletter!  All you have to do is type in 4 or 5 each month. When you see your name in print, you talk about it! It’s our nature to share… It’s Viral!

17 17 Testimonials There is no better form of qualifying your business then a 3rd party recommendation! Strategically placed on the outside page is a place for you to write 2-3 testimonials about your company. It is far better to use a quote from an existing client then to talk about “how great YOU think you are!”

18 18 Make it Interesting Our built in Mechanisms for evoking a response by your clients will create a two way communication channel. This opens up dialogue between you and your clients. A win-win for all. We offer Contests Giveaways prizes, Trivia challenges.  Challenges such as Crossword Puzzles will hold people’s attention!  AND, It will give them a sense of accomplishment!

19 19 Evoke a Response Ask your users to submit a Question.  Offer a give-away to those that do! Post the Questions and Answers the following month.  It’s a guarantee that if a client sees their name in print, they will share it! These “Call Back” responses will encourage your clients to look forward to the next issue. This is another built in “Call to Action” in your newsletter.

20 20 WIFM What’s In It For ME? Let’s be honest here… Everyone is busy with their own lives So, what do we do?

21 21 WIFM Add FREE Stuff in your Newsletter… Referral Bonus Free Gifts Free Home Warranty Free Home Evaluation Free Leather Bag Free Car Survival Kit Free Starbucks Card Free Reports

22 22 WIFM Here is the secret! You don’t even have to create your own reports:  There are plenty of people with these free reports that are willing to give or lease them to you. -AND - This is an EXCELLENT opportunity to promote your website. Collect info and add to your list for future contact!

23 23 Be Consistent Be sure your Newsletter arrives at your clients door in the first week of the month.  We offer both First Class and Standard Mail options. We also post a map online telling you when you should order your monthly newsletter Sending out a newsletter randomly every few months is a waste of money. Whenever you miss a mailing, every person will think that you skipped them!

24 24 How does it work? 1.Go to: 2.Create an account for FREE 3.Create Your Profile From that point on… Your profile will auto-populate anything you order!

25 25 Your Logo is placed here automatically. Change it if you wish in your "library" Create a "Personalized" note complete with the recipients "First Name" Closing with your name in a hand-writing signature. Use the article that is written for you, or change it using our simple online editing tools. Page 1 Your Web-address and Phone number is placed here automatically. Change it if you wish...

26 26 Reply to your clients questions that were submitted earlier. Use our Q&A or make your own. Ask your recipients if they have a question about home inspection. Offer them a prize if they communicate with you. Currently it is a $25 gas card. Simply change it if you wish. Your contact information is automatically placed here. Your Phone number and request is automatically filled in. Change it if you'd like... Page 2

27 27 List your services here... What are your specialties? Your Web-address is automatically filled in. Offer Tips and more at your website... Page 3

28 28 Welcome your clients and entice them to open your newsletter. It's personalized with your clients "First Name" and your Companies Name. Your Photo is automatically placed here. Your clients "First Name" and your welcome note goes here! Go ahead and brag a little. There is nothing better then a nice testimonial to help your business. Your Phone number and Web-address fill in automatically Use a trivia question and Free Give-a-Way to entice your clients to contact you! Offer what you want, or use our suggestion... List all those that referred your company. Show them how much you appreciate them! Page 4 Entice your clients to open with this Free Offer!

29 29 Thank you for your time! I am readily available for all of our clients so don’t hesitate to contact me! Anytime! On behalf of Mike Crow & Go Big Printing, we’d like to offer you 10% off your First Campaign. Come see me in the back to get your FREE sample.

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