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General Overview How to Order from -General Overview -Ordering Products - Browsing our online products - Using our Product Search - Order by.

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1 General Overview How to Order from -General Overview -Ordering Products - Browsing our online products - Using our Product Search - Order by Stock Number - Favorite Items - Inventory Plans - Orders Reporting

2 General Overview

3 The ALL-STATE LEGAL website serves many law firm customers, of many different audiences, each with many different needs. For this reason, we have taken careful consideration to build as the general foundation that will appeal to every firm, small or large. For added value, some firms will find other specific features and options we’ve built on top of that foundation to be a powerful eProcurement tool. Access to everything is FREE, no matter what your firm size or which options you choose to use. All features are available to all customers at any time, without charge; however, here is just a sample of how some of our specific features and options might typically appeal to certain audiences. Solo Practitioners & Small Firms Medium-Sized Firms & Multi-Location Firms Large Firms & Multi-Location Firms Your single source partner with wide selection of legal products, including: Custom Printing Services, Stationery, Paper, Wills, Tabs, Litigation Supplies, Corporate Kits & Filing Services, Automated & Printed Legal Forms, Mailing & Office Supplies, Cards & Gifts Any method of ordering you wish, at any time: Online, Phone, Fax, Email Dedicated Customer Care Center Representatives To make your research or purchasing easier User Guides, Troubleshooting Guides, and Helpful Templates Available online for free download anytime you need them Resource Center, News & Events Start your research here, with links to articles, events, directories and websites that are related to what you do and what you need eProcurement Features Apply user levels, access restrictions, control user views according to office location or group Corporate Filing Service Packages Includes your custom Corporate Kit, PLUS your filing services – you can even file online if you prefer! Dynamic Proofs Online Create proofs of your custom printed items online and on-the-fly, place your final orders at the same time – avoid the excess time and hassle of faxing or mailing proofs and waiting for production to begin Inventory Plans Allow you to purchase in bulk to save money, while saving space by storing at ASL warehouses Intranet Enable Leverage custom settings to access from your Intranet Maximize Billable Hours If you manage it all, don’t waste billable hours placing orders – order online 24 X 7 and let us take care of the rest for you Order by Stock Number Choose from the catalog, and order in one easy step online Favorite Items Lists Make finding your most frequently ordered items and your future favorites quick and easy, and ordering even easier

4 The general website consists of 3 primary silos: - Brand Management - Legal Specialty Supplies - My ALL-STATE (next slide)

5 Begin by logging into the ALL-STATE LEGAL website at, using the ID and password provided to you by your firm website administrator. If you need assistance with your user ID or password, click “Need Help?” or call ASL at 800.222.0510.

6 Ordering Products

7 Browsing our Online Products To begin browsing our online catalog of products click on Legal Specialty Supplies. This will bring you to our Product Categories. From the Product Categories you can choose what type of product you need to order.

8 Using our Product Search You can enter a stock number, description or word into our product search and come up with a list of products containing those search items We are always trying to make our search better, so if you search a term and get no results please email us at and we can add the term and associated products.

9 Order by Stock/Product Number You can enter multiple stock/product numbers to find your regularly ordered products quickly and easily. If you find them once you can add them to your Favorites List for quick and easy ordering every time you log into

10 Favorite Items By adding all frequently used items to your Favorite Items list you are saving time and reducing the chance of ordering the incorrect products. Helpful Hint: If you order Exhibit Dividers (aka “tabs” ) from us, enter one from each category of tab, with one click get to the entire selection of that type of tab.

11 Inventory Plans You can release items off of your inventory plans on Find the item and release your predetermined quantities. Quick and easy ordering.

12 Completing Your Order Once all items have been added to your cart you can complete your order. We have recently implemented a save shopping cart feature. You can now add items to your cart, log out and the items will still be there when you log back in! Instead of submitting multiple orders during the week, add items to your cart and submit on Friday! If you have no changes to your pre-determined ship to address you can order using our One Click Ordering Feature. If we do not have your ship to address in our system or if you need to edit your predetermined ship to in any way click on Create Order. You will be taken through a few screens for your contact, billing and ship to information. Order Name – Both check out options ask you to name your order. This is only so that you can remember your order if you should need to go back to it.

13 Completing Your Order Continued… The next screen will confirm the contact, shipping and order information and you will be asked to submit your order. You will receive an email confirmation or you can check Orders/Reporting to make sure your order has gone through

14 Orders/Reporting

15 Once an order is placed it will immediately show up in Orders/Reporting. This is a great way to make sure that your order has been placed. All orders placed online or offline will show on this screen. Also available are reports that can be run for accounting, inventory and usage.

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