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2 THE MAIN KEYWORD “ENGAGEMENT” The first main keyword I am going to go through today is engagement and how it improves sales online  I will go through how to build a platform for engagement “membership Websites”  How to market for engagement “social media with Facebook”  How to build engagement “email marketing”

3 CONTACT FORM & BROCHURE WEBSITES Contact / brochure websites are great but…..  Is anybody there?  Who am I talking to?  Does this contact form even work?  Why should I come back?  Why would I come back? Hello……. is anybody there?

4 MEMBERSHIP WEBSITES WITH BC Anything is possible just think out of the box  Give them features there's tons available  Make them login for valuable content  Give them valuable content  Offer a way for everyone to communicate  Do something different  “give a great ux”

5 EXAMPLE ONE: SEALAND - “IT’S A COUNTRY DID YOU KNOW” Since we took over and turned it into a simple but effective membership site:  Sales went up by 300% in the first year  The returns rate went up  There were plenty of features for interest to spread.

6 EXAMPLE TWO: PT TOOLBOX - “THE ULTIMATE FITNESS RESOURCE” Why it works so well?  Suitable for Small and large businesses  So many features and high quality content  Discount area when signing up  How to guides  Template downloads  Video tutorials  Job directories  Course directories  Forums  A community blog  Much more to come…

7 MARKETING: SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT- “FACEBOOK” Tips for Posting: 1.IMPORTANT! Don’t sell on Facebook? Why not? 2.Be Relative 3.Be Professional 4.Be Interesting 5.Be Educational 6.Be Motivational 7.Humour goes along way but try not to offend 8.Be trendy ;) 9.And try to Inspire What??

8 MARKETING: SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT- “FACEBOOK” Try to make a structure for your posts try and stick to it here's some idea Mon “Motivational Monday” Tues “Trendy Tuesday” Wed “Winning Wednesday” Thurs “Tips for Thursday” Fri “Friday freebie” Sat/ Sun Motivational Quote or photo use your own and brand it Client or fan contest (best for high page likes) Post a personal favourite quote Give a free tip business Free educational advice Fans are very active on the weekend. Share weekend festivity, be human and be relative Post a quiz poll for interactivity (best for high page likes) Link to product page or service Show and tell – share a client/ show your work Add an interesting fact Offer a resource download Post photos and videos Ask what are they doing this week if you have a high community) Humour appropriate video, photo try and use your own. Share any industry news with a link Inspirational Story Show a resource with link Share an offer Link to blog postTag a customer to their testimonial Post a facebook only discount

9 MARKETING: SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT- “FACEBOOK” Schedule your posts:  Manually on Facebook  Hootsuite  Sprout Social  Any others??? When is a good time to post on Facebook, for the best effect?  √ Early morning till around 10am  Χ During work till lunch  √ Lunch time 12-3:30 (3:00pm is Facebook’s busiest time of day)  Χ During work till around 5:00  √ After dinner (TV time so go light….)  χ Weekends

10 MARKETING: SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT- “FACEBOOK” 1.Try not to pay to boost unless it goes viral 2.Reply to all comments using the persons first name “make them feel special” 3.When to post the first comment? Don’t jump the gun. 4.Try not to like yourself too much 5.Give it time if your going to share it. 6.Tag relative people in it and let their friends see. Next tip I'm going to go through with posting is how and what to post and when to pay boost it. Remember: Posts die very quickly in the news feed.

11 MARKETING: SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT- “FACEBOOK” Facebook Groups help create communities Advice and recommendations are the best way of advertisement

12 MARKETING: EMAIL MARKETING – “PLEASE DON’T SPAM BUT I LIKE ADVICE” Current database  Auto generate them guides “CTA”  Teach and train.  Promote Once a month  Show and tell  Latest news and offers New database  FREE databases share us and we will share you  If receiving data make sure you have permission to use it.

13 MARKETING: EMAIL MARKETING – “PLEASE DON’T SPAM BUT I LIKE ADVICE” Organic emails always look genuine Use designed emails for great promotions and newsletters nothing more.. Images of pretend videos have a high click through rate

14 THANKS FOR WATCHING I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. Email :


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