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Graphic Novel By Matt Jones.

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1 Graphic Novel By Matt Jones

2 Grendel “He was spawned in that slime, conceived by a pair of those monsters of Cain, murderous creatures banished by God, punished forever for the crime of Abel’s death” (Beowulf Lines 19-23). -Grendel is a spawn of Cain, the very first murderer, and is punished for eternity for what Cain had done. Grendel ruled over all, killed many, and left Herot empty for years, leaving Hrothgar twelve winters of grief and sorrow. Grendel sought no peace, offering, or truce, only bloodshed to fuel his never-ending thirst to kill (Beowulf Lines 59-70). When darkness fell, Grendel went up to Herot, bloodthirsty and curious of what the warriors would do in the hall after they had finished drinking. He crept through the door, finding them all soundly asleep, then snatched up 30 men, slaughtering them with no hesitation (Beowulf Lines 30-40). “Though he lived in Herot, when the night hid him, he never dared to touch king Hrothgar’s glorious throne, protected by God-God, whose love Grendel could not know” (Beowulf Lines 81-85). -No matter how evil and powerful Grendel is, he is afraid of God and cannot kill Hrothgar for he is protected by God

3 Beowulf Beowulf’s wisest people said that it was his duty to go to the Danes’ great king. They have witnessed Beowulf's strength, seeing him arise from the darkness of war, dripping with the enemy blood. He has faced great giants, hunted monsters out at sea during pitch black nights, killing them all. Death was his errand and the fate his foes earned. Now Beowulf and Grendel are called together, and Beowulf has stood up to the challenge (Beowulf Lines ). Far away from Hrothgar and the Danes, was a warrior in Geatland by the name of Beowulf. The strongest of the geats, greater and stronger than anyone in the world, heard how Grendel filled nights will fear and blood, and quickly set out for sea to Hrothgar, now when help was most needed (Beowulf Lines ). “I have heard, too, that the monsters scorn of men is so great that he needs no weapons and fears none. Nor will I” (Beowulf Lines ). -Grendel fights with no weapons, so Beowulf decides neither will he. Beowulf wants it to be a fair fight and is determined to win. “And if death does take me, send the hammered mail of my armor to Higlac, return the inheritance I had from Hrethel, and he from Wayland, Fate will unwind as it must!” (Beowulf Lines ). -Beowulf is not afraid of death, or of facing Grendel. He believes in fate, that it will unwind as it must, between him and Grendel.

4 Final Battle Between Beowulf and Grendel
“The infamous killer fought for his freedom, wanting no flesh but retreat, desiring nothing but escape; his claws had been caught, he was trapped” (Beowulf Lines ) -Grendel had never met an opponent equally matched to himself, and was afraid of what Beowulf may do. Grendel wanted to escape. Grendel snatched up the first Geat he came to, biting and ripping him to shreds, drinking his blood and began to step towards a sleeping Beowulf. Just as Grendel’s claws clutched at Beowulf, he had returned the favor and seized the monsters arm, trapping him (Beowulf Lines ). “The monster’s mind was hot with the thought of food and the feasting his belly would soon know, But fate, that night, intended Grendel to gnaw the broken bones of his last human supper” (Beowulf Lines ). -The story is foreshadowing Grendel’s death when saying he will gnaw on the broken bones of his last human supper. Beowulf twisted Grendel’s arm with all of his might, as Grendel’s power was all gone and turned into fear. Beowulf tore Grendel’s arm off with his bare hands, splitting the bone. Beowulf had won the battle, and a wounded Grendel fled to his marsh to die (Beowulf Lines ).

5 Beowulf’s Last Battle “And Beowulf uttered his final boast: “I’ve never known fear, as a youth I fought in endless battles. I am old, now, but I will fight again, seek fame still, if the dragon hiding in his tower dares to face me” (Beowulf Lines ). -There is foreshadowing of Beowulf’s death when it is said that he utters his final boast, and also he is old and fighting for different reasons, such as fame and gold. While fighting the dragon, Beowulf’s shield begins to melt from the dragons fire breath, and his sword then breaks once striking the dragons rough scales. His weapons failed him when he needed them most. The Dragon then came at Beowulf, spitting its hot flames that wrapped around Beowulf. An once great king had been defeated (Beowulf Lines ). “I’d use no sword, no weapon, if this beast could be killed without it, crushed to death like Grendel, gripped in my hands and torn limb from limb. But his breath will be burning hot, poison will pour from his tongue” (Beowulf Lines ). -When saying he will use weapons and armor against the dragon, it seems like Beowulf is not confident in himself or determined, and also seems like less of an epic hero. As Beowulf suffered fatally from the dragons flames, none of his comrades came to help him, to save him, but one. One soldier by the name of Wiglaf remained, and he came to Beowulf’s aid. Wiglaf was the only soldier who remained faithful to the king, Beowulf (Beowulf Lines ).

6 The Death/Mourning of Beowulf
The last of the bravest Geats then rode their horses around Beowulf's tower, tell stories of their dead king and his greatness. They praised him for all that he had done, and given them. They rode off, mourning their beloved king, the best king that had ever lived (Beowulf Lines ). “Wiglaf, go, quickly, find the dragon’s treasure: we’ve taken its life, but its gold is ours, too. Hurry. Bring me ancient silver, precious jewels, shining armor and gems, before I die. Death will be softer, leaving life and this people I’ve ruled so long, if I look at this last of all prizes” (Beowulf Lines ). -When Beowulf tells Wiglaf to find the treasure for himself before he dies, as a “last of all prizes”, he is being very selfish in doing this, and doesn’t even thank Wiglaf for what he is doing, but only wants to see treasure. He is less of an epic hero. As Beowulf dies, he thanks God for the treasure he has received, and then tells Wiglaf to take all he rest and then lead his people. Beowulf wants Wiglaf to be the new King. Beowulf wants a tomb built for his funeral, to be burned in, high enough for the sailors to see. Beowulf is leaving his legacy in Wiglaf’s hands (Beowulf Lines ) “And the riches he and Wiglaf had won from the dragon, rings, necklaces, ancient, hammered armor-all the treasures they’d taken were left there, too, silver and jewels buried in the sandy ground, back in the earth, again and forever useless to men” (Beowulf Lines ). -The treasure was left with Beowulf’s buried body, because it was his final prize, and Wiglaf and his people did not desire it or have the need Beowulf possessed.

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