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Beowulf Parts 4 through 7.

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1 Beowulf Parts 4 through 7

2 Part 4 – The Arrival of the Hero
Beowulf, the hero of the epic, arrives to aid Hrothgar after Herot has suffered for many years. Beowulf is characterized as not only strong and brave, but also as wise, just, and noble. Since Grendel uses no weapon, Beowulf asks to face the monster alone in hand-to-hand combat. The grateful Hrothgar accepts Beowulf’s offer and hosts a banquet in his honor.

3 Part 4 (cont’d.) Beowulf offers his resume in lines 151 through 162.
In lines , we see the epic quality of the hero wishing to conquer evil to save others. In lines , Beowulf says that he and his men will defeat Grendel. He will meet Grendel with no weapons, using only his hands. He says that God will decide who wins (another Christian element).

4 Part 4 (cont’d.) In lines , Beowulf says that Grendel plans to continue to invade Herot and kill the men. He says that he realizes that the Danes will not bother with burial clothes for the Swedes if Grendel wins. Beowulf ends this section by saying that whatever happens is in the hands of Fate.

5 Part 5 Hrothgar replies to Beowulf, saying that he once aided Beowulf’s father, by helping to restore peace to his troubled land. Hrothgar is possibly wishing to point out that Beowulf is honoring his father’s debt to Hrothgar. Hrothgar then recounts the events that have led up to Beowulf’s arrival, and the damage done by Grendel.

6 Part 5 (cont’d.) Hrothgar says that many times his many have had too much to drink, and have sworn to stay at Herot after dark to kill Grendel. However, when morning comes, Herot is covered with blood and more men are dead. Hrothgar then leads Beowulf and his men to a feast, toasting his victories, while a poet (bard) sings. All the men celebrate together.

7 Part 6-Unferth’s Challenge
Unferth, one of Hrothgar’s courtiers (and warrior) is vexed by Beowulf’s adventures and accomplishments. He is jealous of Beowulf’s fame and glory. Unferth accuses Beowulf of boasting, claiming that Beowulf was defeated in a swimming match in his youth. He further says that Beowulf and Brecca risked their lives for nothing more than pride. He also says that Beowulf was just lucky, and that his luck will probably change when he meets Grendel.

8 Part 6 (cont’d.) Beowulf responds to Unferth’s accusations, saying that when they were young, he and Brecca were boastful and prideful, not realizing how foolish they were to risk their lives as they did. Beowulf says that he chose to stay beside Brecca until a flood swept them apart. Both Beowulf and Brecca had a sword for defense, if needed.

9 Part 6 (cont’d.) Beowulf states that, as the sea became colder, creatures from the deep were stirred to life. He says that the only thing that saved him was his chain mail shirt. He was seized by a monster, but was able to kill it with his sword.

10 Part 7 Beowulf continues his story, saying he was continuously attacked by monsters, whom he killed with his sword. The monsters swept up onto the shore and the next morning, he saw 9 monsters lying there. He then asks what other man could have accomplished this feat.

11 Part 7 (cont’d.) Beowulf then says that he has heard no tales of such bravery of Unferth. He also announces that Unferth murdered his own brothers and is doomed to hell. Beowulf also says that if Unferth was as brave and mighty as he says he is, he would have already defeated Grendel. He says that Grendel has found only fear and food at Herot.

12 Part 7 (cont’d.) Beowulf says that the Geats will defeat Grendel that very night. Hrothgar believes that Beowulf will be successful in defeating Grendel. Welthow, Hrothgar’s queen, then pours drink into a cup for everyone to drink from. She first serves Hrothgar, then moves down the line, letting everyone drink.

13 Part 7 (cont’d.) When Welthow gets to Grendel, she salutes him, thanking him for allowing her to serve him. Beowulf tells Welthow that he came to Denmark for the sole purpose of winning the good will of the Danes by defeating Grendel. She goes back and tells Hrothgar what Beowulf has said.

14 Part 7 (cont’d.) Hrothgar crosses to Beowulf and wishes him good luck as he will meet Grendel that night. He tells Beowulf that if he is successful, he will fill his ships with treasure for him to take home with him.

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