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Beowulf Test Review Jeopardy: Jeopardy Review Game.

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1 Beowulf Test Review Jeopardy: Jeopardy Review Game

2 $2 $5 $10 $20 $1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $1 $2 $5 $10 $20 $1 Literary Elements CharactersNumbers Who Said It? Vocabulary

3 Literary Elements Answer 1: “For Beowulf, the price of this last victory will be great.”

4 Literary Elements Question 1: WHAT IS FORESHADOWING? Question 1: WHAT IS FORESHADOWING?

5 Literary Elements Answer 2: “And over and over they swore that nowhere / On earth or under the spreading sky / Or between the seas, neither south nor north, / Was there a warrior worthier to rule over men.”

6 Literary Elements Question 2: WHAT IS ALLITERATION? Question 2: WHAT IS ALLITERATION?

7 Literary Elements Answer 3: “And all at once the greedy she-wolf / Who’d ruled those waters for half a hundred / Years discovered him…”

8 Literary Elements Question 3: WHAT IS A KENNING? Question 3: WHAT IS A KENNING?

9 Literary Elements Answer 4: “…When night had covered the earth with its net / And the shapes of darkness moved black and silent / Through the world.”

10 Literary Elements Question 4: WHAT IS IMAGERY?Question 4: WHAT IS IMAGERY?

11 Literary Elements Answer 5: “They could hack at Grendel / From every side, trying to open / A path for his evil soul, but their points / Could not scratch at his skin, for that sin-stained demon / Had bewitched all men’s weapons, laid spells / That blunted every mortal man’s blade.”


13 Characters Answer 1: King of the Danes whose throne is protected by God

14 Characters Question 1: WHO IS KING HROTHGAR?Question 1: WHO IS KING HROTHGAR?

15 Characters Answer 2: Beowulf’s father

16 Characters Question 2: WHO IS EDGETHO?Question 2: WHO IS EDGETHO?

17 Characters Answer 3: Beowulf’s uncle and feudal lord

18 Characters Question 3: WHO IS HIGLAC?Question 3: WHO IS HIGLAC?

19 Characters Answer 4: Wiglaf’s father

20 Characters Question 4: WHO IS WEXSTAN?Question 4: WHO IS WEXSTAN?

21 Characters Answer 5: The sea beast who sought revenge for the death of her son

22 Characters Question 5: WHO IS Grendel’s mother?Question 5: WHO IS Grendel’s mother?

23 Numbers Answer 1: Brave Geats that went to Denmark to defeat Grendel

24 Numbers Question 1: WHAT IS 14?Question 1: WHAT IS 14?

25 Numbers Answer 2: The number of years Grendel terrorized Herot Hall

26 Numbers Question 2: WHAT IS 12 WINTERS/YEARSQuestion 2: WHAT IS 12 WINTERS/YEARS

27 Numbers Answer 3: The number of years Beowulf reigned as King of the Geats

28 Numbers Question 3: WHAT IS 50?Question 3: WHAT IS 50?

29 Numbers Answer 4: The number of battles that Beowulf fought before his death. (Mentioned in the poem)

30 Numbers Question 4: WHAT IS 3?Question 4: WHAT IS 3?

31 Numbers Answer 5: The number of Geats that rode their horses around Beowulf’s burial tower.

32 Numbers Question 5: WHAT IS 12?Question 5: WHAT IS 12?

33 Who Said It? Answer 1: “Let me live in greatness and courage, or here in this hall welcome my death!”

34 Who Said It? Question 1: WHO IS BEOWULF?Question 1: WHO IS BEOWULF?

35 Who Said It? Answer 2: “Beowulf, you’ve come to us in friendship, and because of the reception your father found at our court.”

36 Who Said It? Question 2: WHO IS KING HROTHGAR?Question 2: WHO IS KING HROTHGAR?

37 Who Said It? Answer 3: “I’ve heard that my people, peasants working in the fields, have seen a pair of such fiends wandering in the marshes…”

38 Who Said It? Question 3: WHO IS King Hrothgar?Question 3: WHO IS King Hrothgar?

39 Who Said It? Answer 4: “Our only help, again, lies in you. Grendel’s mother is hidden in her terrible home, in a place you’ve not seen. Seek it, if you dare! Save us, once more, and again twisted gold, heaped-up ancient treasure, will reward you for the battle you win!”

40 Who Said It? Question 4: WHO IS KING HROTHGAR?Question 4: WHO IS KING HROTHGAR?

41 Who Said It? Answer 5: “All of us swore to repay him, when the time came, kindness for kindness—with our lives, if he needed them.”

42 Who Said It? Question 5: WHO IS WIGLAF?Question 5: WHO IS WIGLAF?

43 Vocabulary Answer 1: To irritate or annoy

44 Vocabulary Question 1: What is Vexed?Question 1: What is Vexed?

45 Vocabulary Answer 2: Liquor made from fermented honey and water

46 Vocabulary Question 2: WHAT IS MEADQuestion 2: WHAT IS MEAD

47 Vocabulary Answer 3: COMFORT OR RELIEF

48 Vocabulary Question 3: WHAT IS SOLACE?Question 3: WHAT IS SOLACE?

49 Vocabulary Answer 4: TO RIGHT A WRONG

50 Vocabulary Question 4: WHAT IS REDRESS?Question 4: WHAT IS REDRESS?

51 Vocabulary Answer 5: CHARMING

52 Vocabulary Question 5: WHAT IS WINSOME?Question 5: WHAT IS WINSOME?


54 Final Jeopardy Question: WHAT IS FIRE?

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