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Beowulf-Parts 8 through 11

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1 Beowulf-Parts 8 through 11
English IV Ms. Beauchamp’s Class

2 The Battle With Grendel
Grendel heads toward Herot where, unknown to him, Beowulf and the Geats lie in wait. Grendel breaks down the door and devours one Geat. Next, he grabs Beowulf, intending to kill him too. Beowulf bends Grendel’s claws backward and Grendel realizes he has met his match. Grendel only wants to flee, but he is trapped.

3 The Battle With Grendel (cont’d.)
Grendel and Beowulf battle, making Herot tremble with their struggle. Herot is built to withstand the blows, and the only thing it cannot withstand is fire. Hrothgar’s men are afraid and cower in their beds as Beowulf’s men jump from their beds to help Beowulf, trying to stab Grendel with their swords. Grendel has bewitched all of their (mortal man’s) weapons, so they are useless.

4 The Defeat of Grendel Grendel realizes the end is near, and he twists and howls in pain. The bleeding sinews in his shoulder snap, and his muscles and bone break. The battle is over and Grendel escapes to his lair at the bottom of the marsh. The Danes are happy that Beowulf has defeated Grendel and has made Herot clean once again.

5 The Defeat of Grendel Beowulf hangs the proof of Grendel’s defeat high from the rafters: the monster’s arm, claw and shoulder. Why do you think he does this? The next morning, the crowds surround Herot and trace the bloody footprints to the edge of the lake. The water is bloody, steaming, and boiling. (This is symbolic of what?) All men spread the word about the victory of the bravest, mightiest warrior of them all – Beowulf.

6 Grendel’s Mother In grief for her son, Grendel’s mother attacks Herot, and carries off Hrothgar’s closest friend. She also carries off Grendel’s arm. Beowulf is awakened and summoned to deal with her. Hrothgar describes the place where Grendel and his mother live. He notes that even a deer, being hunted by hounds and driven to the edge of the lake would rather die on the shore than to jump into that water.

7 Grendel’s Mother (cont’d.)
Hrothgar asks Beowulf to save them once more, offering Beowulf more treasure to carry home with him.

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