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Who is the King of the Danes? Hrothgar. Where does Hrothgar live? Heorot.

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1 Who is the King of the Danes? Hrothgar

2 Where does Hrothgar live? Heorot

3 What do the people do at the party? -Tell Stories -Sing songs -Hrothgar gives gifts

4 Who is the monster from hell? Grendel

5 What does Grendel look like? -HUGE!!! 12 feet tall -Hairy arms -Red, mean eyes -Big teeth

6 How many years did Grendel go to Heorot? 12 Years

7 Who is Beowulf? -Nice, strong warrior (soldier)

8 Why did Beowulf come to Heorot? To help kill Grendel

9 Who was Unferth? -Jealous man -Wants to be famous -Says Beowulf couldn’t win the race

10 What really happened during the swimming race? -Beowulf saved Breca -Breca was pushed to the beach while Beowulf fought the monsters

11 Can Beowulf use a sword to kill Grendel? No, he must use his hands.

12 What does Grendel do at night? Eats the soldiers

13 How does Beowulf kill Grendel? Rips off his arm

14 What did the king give Beowulf? A gold sword. He gave Beowulf and the soldiers gold, silver, and 8 horses!

15 Who is upset that Grendel is dead? Grendel’s mother

16 Grendel’s mother goes to Heorot. Who does she grab? Aeschere

17 Beowulf, Hrothgar, and the soldiers go to Heorot. What do they see on the ground? Aeschere’s head! Grendel’s mother killed him!

18 Why did Beowulf blow his horn? He was calling Grendel’s mother.

19 What came out of the lake? Sea monsters!

20 Who killed one of the sea monsters? Hrothgar

21 How did Hrothgar kill the sea monster? With a bow and arrow

22 What did the other sea monsters do? Ran away

23 If Beowulf dies, give his sword to… Unferth

24 If Beowulf dies, give his gold to… His dad

25 Grendel’s mother stabs Beowulf but he doesn’t die. Why? Beowulf is wearing armor.

26 How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother? With a sword

27 Beowulf sees Grendel’s body on the ground. What does he do? Cuts off Grendel’s head

28 Why did the sword melt? Grendel’s blood was so BAD!!!

29 The men see the blood. What do they think? Beowulf is dead.

30 Beowulf has 2 gifts for the king. What are they? 1.Grendel’s mother is dead 2.Grendel’s head

31 Beowulf will leave Heorot. What does he say to Hrothgar? If you need help, I will help you.

32 What does Hrothgar say to Beowulf? You are great! We are friends. Our countries are friends.

33 Beowulf’s dad died. Who is king now? Beowulf

34 How long has Beowulf been king? 50 years

35 No one has seen the dragon. Why? He hides in a cave protecting his treasure (gold).

36 What did the stranger steal? 1 gold cup and a few rings

37 What did the dragon do? Flew over town, blew fire, burned everything

38 Beowulf will fight the dragon. What does he tell the soldiers? Don’t help me! This is my fight!

39 What does the dragon to do Beowulf? Blows fire on him Later, he bites Beowulf’s neck.

40 What did the soldiers do? Hid in the woods.

41 What does the dragon do to Beowulf now? Bites his neck

42 Who comes to help Beowulf? Wiglaf

43 What does Wiglaf do to the dragon? Stabs him

44 What does Beowulf do to the dragon? Stabs him in the heart

45 Beowulf will die. He wants Wiglaf to do 4 things. What are the 4 things? 1.Give dragon’s gold to people 2.Put Beowulf’s body in fire 3.Make the “Mound of Beowulf” 4.Wiglaf will be king

46 Wiglaf is mad at the soldiers. How do the soldiers feel? They feel bad and guilty.

47 What did they do to the dragon’s body? Pushed it off the cliff and into the water

48 What did they do to Beowulf’s body? -Put it in the fire -Made the “Mound of Beowulf”

49 Where is the dragon’s gold? Under the “Mound of Beowulf”

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