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Characters Beowulf Ecgtheow's son, who is strong in mind and body. He is a true hero and a superman. He backs up his extraordinary feats with a powerful.

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2 Characters Beowulf Ecgtheow's son, who is strong in mind and body. He is a true hero and a superman. He backs up his extraordinary feats with a powerful sense of social responsibility and morality. He is also engaging and humane. Grendel Monster of the muddy seas who kills warriors for his own entertainment and to satisfy his hunger. Hrothgar The king of the Danes, A very just man, he never goes back on his promises and always praises brave and capable heroes. He wishes to make peace with the Heathobards. Wiglaf A young and brave Geat who is part of Beowulf's retinue. He helps Beowulf slay the dragon when the rest of the men run away. He also conveys Beowulf's last message to his people.

3 Grendel A powerful monster, living down in the darkness, growled in pain as he heard the warriors laughing, talking and singing in the mead hall. It was clear that they were happy and that made Grendel mad. When darkness came, Grendel, went to the mead hall, Herot. He found them sleeping and dreaming, suspecting nothing. There he snatched up thirty men in his claws, smashing them in their beds. Grendel ran out of the building back to his lair with their dead bodies dripping with blood. There he ate each and everyone of them. In the morning, Hrothgar the king, sadly mourned his dead friends and companions. He wept, fearing this would not be the end of the monster’s attacks. That night, Grendel was back to gather more men to quench his lust for evil. Each warrior tried to escape his grip, only few fled to safety. Hate had won.

4 Knowing that his men were attacked at night in their beds, the king closed Herot for 12 years to try to avoid Grendel’s murders. Grendel continued to kill innocent men. However, he never dared touch the king and his throne that was thought to be protected by God. The king and his men tried to come up with a solution to end Grendel’s torturous deeds. Word traveled overseas of this monster, Grendel. Others heard how this beast brutally killed the Danes stealing their lives and their bodies to satisfy his hunger for food and hatred.


6 Beowulf One day, Beowulf who had heard of the trouble the Danes were having gathers 14 of his bravest and mightiest Geat warriors and travels over the seas to Denmark hoping to convince Hrothgar that they will conquer Grendel. When they arrive, Beowulf, dressed in his chained armor speaks respectfully to the king and proclaims that he is the greatest warrior who ever lived. He boasts about all the giants he has captured and all the monsters he has slain in the past. He convinces the king that he and Grendel were fated to battle each other. He pleads to the king to allow this battle before Grendel attacks again and fills his belly with more of Hrothgar’s men. Beowulf tells the king that he will fight Grendel without weapons since Grendel does not use any. If Beowulf fails, due to fate, he wants his armor to be sent back to his uncle. Hrothgar accepts Beowulf’s offer to fight Grendel. But first, he and the other Danes toast to welcome Beowulf and his men with a feast and plenty to drink.



9 The Battle with Grendel
Grendel goes to Herot, the mead hall and sees many men sleeping He grabs one, kills him, drinks his blood and bolts him down (eats him) He then grabs at Beowulf but is challenged Grendel becomes fearful and thinks about running away Beowulf grabs Grendel’s claws and cracks them in his fist They battle it out but Herot, the mead hall, continues to stand because it was built to withstand battle and other damaging affects except fire Suddenly, the soldiers become terrified because Grendel shrieks out in pain Beowulf’s men try to help defend Beowulf but their swords are useless Beowulf rips off Grendel’s arm and shoulder Grendel runs away but later dies in his den Beowulf hangs Grendel’s shoulder, arm and claw from the ceiling rafters to represent a war trophy Grendel bleeds to death back in his den in the sea



12 Grendel loses his arm

13 Beowulf vs. Grendal

14 Grendel’s Mother She lives in the bottom of the lake Grendel’s mother comes to Herot and kills Hrothgar’s best friend She takes Grendel’s claw Reasons for taking the claw: a symbol of revenge, it is highly valued by Beowulf and the Danes, it belonged to her son and she is grieving his death, she is too cowardly to stay and seek real revenge Hrothgar asks Beowulf to defend the Danes against Grendel’s mother Beowulf accepts the challenge

15 The Battle with Grendel’s Mother
Beowulf leaps into the lake and illustrates supernatural characteristics when he swims underwater for hours to “Mom’s” home in the lake Another female monster tries to tear into Beowulf but cannot She carries him into an area where even more seas monsters try to kill him Beowulf remains unharmed as he reaches “the water witch” Beowulf is given an heirloom sword to fight Grendel’s mother This sword proves to be ineffective Beowulf’s pride and desire for fame keeps him fighting her They battle without weapons Mom throws him down and straddles over him She tries unsuccessfully to kill him with a used dagger but his armor and God’s will saves him


17 Beowulf grabs a huge magical sword off the wall and cuts off Grendel’s mother’s head
He sees the body of Grendel and chops off his head even though he knows he is already dead Beowulf’s sword then melts – symbolic for the end of Beowulf’s battle and/or because it is tainted with evil blood Meanwhile, the elders on land above the lake think Beowulf has been killed by Mom when they see the bloody water The men are relieved when they see him emerge from the water They carry his helmet and armored shirt Four other men struggle to carry Grendel’s head on a spear However, Beowulf is able to carry the skull by the hair himself to show Hrothgar, the king


19 Beowulf and Grendel’s mother

20 Beowulf’s Last Battle Fifty years have passed since the battle with Grendel’s mother Beowulf is now king of the Geats since his uncle and cousin have died Things have been peaceful and prosperous until a dragon begins to terrorize the Geats Beowulf, still strong and confident, confronts the dragon in its tower In the tower, the dragon guards jewels and other valuable items The dragon breaths smoke and fire at the tower entrance causing Beowulf to roar a battle cry that angers the dragon The dragon approaches Beowulf and Beowulf draws his sword and shield to protect himself The heat of the fire finally melts Beowulf’s shield Then his sword breaks off in the dragon’s side Beowulf becomes surrounded by flames His fellow warriors do not help him but run away However, Wiglaf recalls how he and the others promised they would come to Beowulf’s aid, if needed Wiglaf’s tries to motive the others into action




24 The Death of Beowulf Wiglaf and Beowulf together kill the dragon
Wounded in the neck by the dragon, Beowulf speaks unremorseful about his life coming to an end His only regret is that he does not have a son to leave his crown to The dying Beowulf tells Wiglaf to gather the dragon’s treasure and gold from the tower Wiglaf finds piles of gold, precious gems, jewelry, etc He gathers up as much as he can carry to show Beowulf before he dies Beowulf tells Wiglaf that he will become king of the Geats upon his death He wants his tomb to be built at the water’s edge so that it will serve as a beacon and light for ships and he can continue to serve his people even in his death because he can “watch” over them The other warriors shamefully and sorrowfully come out to see Beowulf’s body as Wiglaf scolds them for being such cowards


26 The Geats built Beowulf’s tower in ten days
Mourning Beowulf The Geats built Beowulf’s tower in ten days All the treasures that he and Wiglaf acquired from the battle with the dragon were buried in the ground by the tomb 12 of the bravest Geats ride on horseback around Beowulf’s tomb mourning his death and praising him with stories of love and admiration for their beloved king So, the story continues to be told over and over again about the heroic Beowulf



29 Mourning Beowulf

30 Beowulf’s Tower

31 The End

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