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Beowulf Graphic Novel By Eric Sanichar.

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1 Beowulf Graphic Novel By Eric Sanichar

2 Grendel is an evil beast that lives in the marshes
Grendel is an evil beast that lives in the marshes. Grendel was born into a monster. He was born into a monster because of the death of Abel (line 19-23). Grendel comes from a family of murderous and is a descendent of Cain, the first murder. God cursed all of Cain's descendants by making them monsters. Grendel Grendel was at home in the beginning “a powerful monster, living down in the darkness, growled in pain, impatient”(Line 1-2). He lives in the swamp because people cant see him there. He begins to growl because he hears the party in the mead hall and gets angry Grendel is trying to be sneaky and plot on the people "Then, when darkness had dropped, Grendel went up to Herot , wondering what the warriors would do in that hall when their drinking was done”(Line 30-32). Grendel try’s to be sneaky and go to the hall when it was dark and everyone was in a deep sleep from being drunk. Grendel never attacked Hrothgar even though he was in the mead hall. "Though he lived in Herot, when the night hid him, he never Dared to touch king Hrothgar glorious throne protected by God- God” (line 81-84).Grendel never touched the throne because he knew Hrothgar was protected by God. He was unable to be killed.

3 This is describing Beowulf “Follower and the strongest of the Geats greater than anyone anywhere in this world”(Line ).Beowulf and his people believe he is the strongest person in the world. He is confident about his strength and greatness. Beowulf and his men are getting ready to sail to see Hrothgar. Beowulf picks the best of the best to take with him to fight. He picks 14 men to go with him to the hall(Line ). Beowulf picks his best men just incase he needs help to fight. He doesn’t what to depend on the Danes to help him. Beowulf Beowulf talks about how is going to beat Grendel and how Grendel is only fighting with his hands no weapons. Beowulf believes God is the only one who can decide who will win the fight(Line ).Beowulf only fights with his hands because he wants it to be a fair fight. Beowulf believes in fate so that’s why he doesn’t care if he dies because he thinks it was meant to be The Geats and Danes were in the mead hall “A poet sang from time to time, in a clear pure voice. Danes and visiting Geats celebraed as one, drank and rejoiced (Line ). The Geats and Danes partied and celebrated the presence of Beowulf. They drank, ate, played music, and did other fun activities.

4 The Battle With Grendel
Beowulf and Grendel are in the middle of there fight.“He twisted in pain, And the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder snapped, muscle and bone split and broke”(Line ).Beowulf snaps his arms off because Grendel cant be killed by any weapons only by bear hands. The Battle With Grendel Beowulf snaps Grendel's arm off and Grendel runs off to his den. Grendel runs to hide back in his den with one arm. .(Line ). Grendel doesn’t want to die in front of the warriors. He goes to his den to die. He was wounded and not all the way dead before he fled to his den. Beowulf defeated Grendel and kept his arm that he had snapped off Grendel is defeated. They kept his arm and hung it up in the mead hall to show the proof of victory (Line ). They wanted to keep this as a trophy. This was a moment to remember forever for the Danes Beowulf has defeated Grendel "The battle was over, Beowulf had been granted new glory”(Lines ).Hrothgar is proud of Beowulf for defeating Grendel. He Is the one who grants the glory to Beowulf.

5 The dragon was coming to see who had come to challenge him
The dragon was coming to see who had come to challenge him. "The beast rose, angry, knowing a man had come- and then nothing but war could have followed. Its breath came first a steaming cloud pouring from the stone then the earth itself shook”(Line ). The beast was very angry. He was big and much more fierce and aggressive than Grendel was. The dragon was not a punk. Beowulf is using weapons and armor for his first time against the dragon "I feel no shame, with shield and sword and armor against this monster”(Line ).Beowulf feels the dragon is shooting flames which is a weapon so it would make it fair if has a weapon and since the dragon has scales he sees that as armor so Beowulf uses a shield as armor Beowulf Last Battle Wiglaf was Beowulf's right hand man. Wiglaf was watching Beowulf slowly dying and his flesh burning up(line ). Beowulf was a king of the Geats and he was slowly dying. The other Geats ran and Wiglaf was the only one who stayed beside Beowulf. Wiglaf didn’t know what to do but sit beside him. Beowulf fought with armor this time. The dragons flame shot at the shield Beowulf had. It only protected Beowulf for a little while (Line 660). The shield began to melt. Beowulf had no other defense. The dragon blew flames all around Beowulf.

6 The Death and Mourning Of Beowulf
The dragon is dead and the treasure is left “Wiglaf , go, quickly, find the dragons treasure: weve taken its life but its gold is ours, too”(Line ). Beowulf wants the treasure because that was the reason why he was fighting. He is also greedy because that’s all he thinks of before he dies. The Death and Mourning Of Beowulf Beowulf was on his way to death. Beowulf realized that his days on the earth were coming to an end. Everything was gone to him jus like his life(Line ). Beowulf is lifeless. He doesn’t stress that he is about to die. It doesn’t matter that much because he believes this is what God had planned for him. The warriors were hiding from the dragon“And when the battle was over Beowulf followers came out of the wood, coward and traitors, knowing the dragon was dead”(Line ). They come out at the end knowing the dragon was dead and the battle was over. They didn’t try to fight or help the warriors just ran away from their king getting murdered. The warriors came out the woods.The warriors came out of the woods with blank faces. They were unharmed with their weapons and armor on them. They had nothing to say when they seen the prince on the floor. ”(Line ). They seemed to be so freighted they didn’t know what to do or what to say.

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