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Growing Tensions Pages

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1 Growing Tensions Pages 184- 198
Chapter 8 Cornell Notes Growing Tensions Pages

2 Section 1: Difficulties Begin
Trouble begins in East Texas What happed when he got there? What did the Political Chief Jose Antonio Saucedo say? Haden Edwards gets to settle people in Nacogdoches Haden Edwards found settlers already living on the land. He was upset and wanted all the settlers who did not have titles to buy one from him. He sided with the settlers and told Edwards that he could not charge them for new land titles.

3 Section 1: Difficulties Begin
Fredonian Revolt Led by: Austin’s offer: January 1827: Haden and his brother Benjamin thought the only hope for Texas was to break away from Mexico. Haden and Benjamin Edwards To help the Mexican government put down the revolt. The Fredoian Revolt collapsed, some were captured, but most fled to the USA.

4 Section 1: Difficulties Begin
Meir Y Teran Investigates Mexican government’s fear: Anthony Butler: Meir Y Teran Mission: Teran’s Findings: Mexican officials thought the Fredonian Revolt was a part of an American scheme to acquire Texas. – 200 soldiers were sent to Nacogdoches to prevent any new uprisings. U.S. ambassador to Mexico proposed that Mexico sell Texas to the US To inspect Texas, to see what was really going on (remember Texas was the far North frontier!) Anglo American influence was STRONG- Anglos outnumbered Mexicans 5 to 1. – “If the Mexican government does not act at once, Texas will be lost forever!”

5 Section 1: Difficulties Begin
 The Law of April 6, 1830  (based on Teran’s recommendations) Texan’s thoughts about the new law: SFA’s view: Stopped: immigration from the USA Suspended: most empresario contracts Encouraged: Mexican families to immigrate to Texas with generous land grants and financial assistance. Set up new: Forts- soldiers could prevent smuggling, the introductions of new slaves and illegal land speculation Custom Duties: taxes on goods made in foreign nations (to discourage trade between Texas and USA) Settlers were alarmed – many depended on growth and trade with US, they had friends and family still in USA that had planned on moving to TX, this was a turning point between colonists and Mexican government- now each side distrusted the other. Concerned and tried to negotiate with Mexican leaders- he soon realixed that serious damage had already occurred .

6 Section 2: Rebellion’s 1831- 1832
Settlers Protest at Anahuac Commander and his job: Texans’ accused him of: Two lawyers Bradburn arrested: Setter’s reaction: ( Small Mexican garrison established to control commerce, or the movement of goods into Mexico) John (Juan) Davis Bradburn- Colonel in the Mexican Army, commander of the garrison Taking supplies refusing to give up runaway slaves William B Travis and Patrick C. Jack- for interfering with his efforts to enforce the laws. About 160 settlers marched to Anahuac demanding Travis and Jacks; release- a small skirmish occurred- Bradburn agreed to release the prisoners if they all left- they didn’t and Bradburn refused to release them and called in Extra forces (small group left to go get a cannon!)

7 Section 2: Rebellion’s 1831- 1832
Colonists Adopt the Turtle Bayou Resolutions Colonel Jose de las Piedras: 1. Declared their loyalty to Mexico 2. Denied they were rebelling against Mexican authority 3. Insisted they were supporting Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (who was leading a revolt in Mexico against the Centralist President Anatasio Bustamante) Commander of the Mexican Garrison (fort) at Nacogdoches, promised the Texans Bradburn would be removed from command- Piedras released Travis and Jack

8 Section 2: Rebellion’s 1831- 1832
Clash of Velasco: Date: Leader: Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea role: How long did the battle last: (Anahuac was already resolved, but the group was coming back with the cannon!) June 26, 1832 John Austin He would not let the group pass with the cannon. They fought and the Mexican’s surrendered because they ran out of ammunition

9 Section 2: Rebellion’s 1831- 1832
Conventions of 1832 and 1833 President of Convention:  Stephen F. Austin Sent to Mexico: Convention of 1833: Who was sent to Mexico: 1. Texas be a separate Mexican State 2. Immigration from US be permitted again 3. Asked to be exempted from a certain import taxes 4. Improved Educational facilities 5. Better protection from Native Americans 6. Land titles for settlers in East Texas William H. Wharton and Rafael Manchola- they didn’t present. In San Felipe on April 1, 1833 Stephen F. Austin, Dr. James B. Miller and Erasmo Seguin--- SFA was the only one who actual made the trip.

10 Section 3: Increase Tensions:
Austin’s Mission is Stalled What was happening in Mexico City when Austin arrived? After waited what did Austin do? A Cholera epidemic was raging in Mexico City- thousands were dying, so Santa Anna had left for a few months so he didn’t get sick He waited from April till October He wrote to authorities in San Antonio describing the difficulties he faced and encouraged Texans to form their own government. - What is this?! Why is the dangerous?! What are they doing!?

11 Section 3: Increase Tensions:
Austin is Imprisoned and Released: November 1833: Santa Anna’s decisions: Santa Anna returned and agreed to some of the reforms Austin requested TEXAS COULD NOT BECOME IT’S OWN STATE But, he did repeal (or do away with) 2. Laws restricting immigration from the USA 3. He will Improve the court postal systems 4. He will Improved the postal system Austin left, happy with his visit…

12 Section 3: Increase Tensions:
In Saltillo: He reminded in Prison for: Christmas Day 1834: July 11, 1835: January 1834, Austin reached Saltillo, he was arrested (for the letter!) and taken back to Mexico City One year! Austin was released on Bail (Bail means he has to stay in the City till his trial) Austin was given his complete freedom, he got back to Texas on September 1, (he had been away for two years and four months!)

13 Section 3: Increase Tensions:
Reform Begins in Texas: Hardships in Texas: Reforms Santa Anna approved: Cholera, had spread to Texas and Malaria, a disease carried by mosquitoes 1. English was recognized as an official language for transactions 2. Immigration from USA was allowed again 3. Started making improvements in the court system 4. Increasing the number of Texas representatives in the state legislature from one to three 5. Religious tolerance was granted

14 Section 3: Increase Tensions:
Trouble Erupts Again: Captain: Resident: What happened: General Cos Rejects the Apology: Who does he want for trial? (Again in Anahuac) Antonio Tenorio Andrew Briscoe- a merchant Briscoe quarreled with Tenorio over custom duties, Briscoe was arrested. William B. Travis led a group of colonist to Anahuac and forced Tenoiro to surrender. - Some were upset with Travis, some towns adopted resolutions. The town of San Felipe wrote a letter of apology to General Cos General Cos (Santa Anna’s brother in law) commander of the Mexican forces in Coahuila - He does not accept their apology and wants the Texas officials involved in the disturbance arrested, including William B. Travis, Frank W. Johnson and Samuel M. Williams.

15 Section 3: Increase Tensions:
Texans Call for Consultation: When: Where: 2 parties: What does each want? What does Austin want? Why is Austin’s opinion important? General Cos was making Texans nervous… August 15, 1835 (Remember: SFA was still in Mexico until September 1, 1835) Columbia 1. Peace Party- fearful, they didn’t want more trouble! 2. War Party- favored an immediate declaration of independence from Mexico, even if this meant WAR. He had become convinced that Santa Anna was coming a dictator- he urged the people to unite: “War is our only resource. There is no other remedy. We must defend our rights, ourselves, and our country by force of arms.” What are some reasons… Why would everyone look to SFA for help… Why does his opinion matter so much…

16 Timeline Answers December 16, 1826 Edwards Formed the Republic of Fredonia (p. 188) 1829 Centralist Party comes to Power (p. 187) April 6, 1830 Mexico stops immigration from US (p. 189) May 1832 William B. Travis and Patrick C. Jack are arrested (p. 191) June 13, 1832 Turtle Bayou Resolutions (p. 191) June 26, 1832 Battle of Velasco (p. 192) October 1, 1832 Stephen F. Austin elected President of Convention (p. 192) April 1833 Austin went to Mexico (p. 194) January 1834 Austin goes to Prison (p. 195) August 15, 1835 Consultation at Washington on the Brazos (p. 197)

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