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Chapter 8 (Texas And Texans)

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1 Chapter 8 (Texas And Texans)
Growing Tensions

2 Why It Matters Tensions increased between Texans and Mexican government in the 1820’s and 30’s. Some Texans believed that separation from Mexico- even if it meant war- was the only solution to their grievances. Other Texans believed it was possible to remain a part of Mexico. Stephen Austin’s imprisonment in Mexico city pushed many Texans into believing that war was necessary

3 Tension In the 1820’s Mexico was under a federalist government allowing the Texans many freedoms They farmed and even brought in slaves (which was illegal) 1829 Centralist Party came to power Issued regulations that many Texans thought were unfair

4 East Texas Trouble Haden Edwards Received 800 family land contract
Land already had people living on it Told them they needed a contract Jose Saucedo told Edwards the people could stay

5 Republic of Fredonia Benjamin Edwards
Believed the only way to solve problem was to declare colony independent from Mexico Made alliance with Cherokee Took 30 men and took Nacogdoches proclaiming the Republic of Fredonia free January 1827 revolt collapsed when no one would help Edwards and Mexican troops from San Antonio approached

6 Mier Y Teran Because of revolt Mexico worries about east Texas colonists Mier y Teran is sent to investigate He finds that Anglo’s out number Mexicans 5 to 1 Teran states that if nothing is done soon Texas would be lost forever 1829 decree abolishes slavery in Mexico This worries slaveholding colonists

7 Law of April 6th 1830 Law issued by centralist party
Stopped immigration Suspended incomplete empresario contracts Encouraged Mexican and European settlement Introduced new forts Discouraged trade between Foreign nations (US) and Texas Customs Duties

8 First Sign of trouble First serious conflict was at Anahuac, a port town Bradburn Mexican Colonel from Virginia, quarreled with colonists about obeying Mexican Laws

9 Unpopular Decision May 1832 Bradburn arrested two lawyers, William B. Travis and Patrick h. Jack, for interfering with the law This upset colonists A small Skirmish occurred Bradburn agreed to release lawyers if colonists would back down Bradburn calls for reinforcement Colonists made camp at Turtle Bayou while John Austin went to Brazoria to get a cannon

10 Turtle Bayou Resolutions
June 13, 1832 colonists adopted the Turtle Bayou Resolutions Denied a revolt, insisted that they were loyal supporters of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Mexican Constitution of 1824 Mexican Colonel from Nacogdoches relieves Bradburn of his duties in Anahuac

11 Battle at Valasco June 26, 1832 a clash between Mexican forces and John Austin occurred Ausitn was brining cannon to free lawyers and Mexican officials would not let them pass Both sides lost men but Colonists were able to force Ugartechea to surrender Colonists arrived at Anahuac only to find the colonists had already been freed


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