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Causes of the Texas Revolution

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1 Causes of the Texas Revolution
Texas Sized: Tug of War Causes of the Texas Revolution

2 Constitution of 1824 Mexico’s Constitution of 1824 established a states’ rights government Texans supported this type of government because it gave them more local control. Some Mexican nationalists were concerned that too many settlers from the U.S. and local control could cause colonists to seize Texas and join the U.S.

3 Edwards Brothers vs. Squatters
Haden Edwards and his brother Benjamin got a land grant from Mexico to settle 800 families near Nacogdoches. When the Edwards brothers arrived with their settlers, there were already several hundred families living in the area. These people were squatters- people who have been on the land for several generations, but do not have a title to the land they consider theirs Edwards brothers demanded that the squatters show ownership to the land. If titles could not be presented, the Edwards brothers demanded payment for the land or the squatters had to leave. The squatters appealed to the Mexican government and the government sided with the squatters. The Edwards brothers were furious.

4 Fredonian Revolt Benjamin Edwards organized a revolt and took over the Old Stone Fort in Nacogdoches. He started the Republic of Fredonia and declared independence from Mexico. The revolt had no support from most Texans, and the Mexicans sent troops to put a stop to the revolt. The Fredonians fled and the revolt was over. Although a minor event, the Fredonian Revolt attracted the attention of the Mexican government. Concerned about the Texas situation, the Mexican government sent a group to investigate conditions in Texas.

5 Teran Report General Mier y Teran was sent to inspect Texas.
He reported that the Mexican influence in Texas was decreasing. In East Texas, the Anglos outnumbered the Mexicans five to one. Teran expressed his concerns and even said that Texas could throw all of Mexico into revolution if something wasn’t done. His findings alarmed the Mexican government. Mexico made a dramatic change toward Texas.

6 Law of April 6, 1830 Outlawed immigration to Texas from the U.S.
Further outlawed importing of slaves. Placed custom duties, or taxes, on goods brought into Texas from U.S. Sent Mexican troops to Texas Angered colonists and violated Constitution of 1824

7 Santa Anna’s Rise President Bustamante set up a strong national government against Constitution of 1824. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna launched a revolution against Bustamante in 1832. Texans, including Stephen F. Austin, supported Santa Anna’s revolution. In truth Santa Anna wanted all power in his government (centralist government)

8 Anahuac In May 1832, William B. Travis is arrested after embarrassing John Bradburn, a Mexican official. 150 settlers march towards Anahuac to demand his release. Bradburn says he will release Travis if the group retreats but once they do, he refuses.

9 Turtle Bayou Resolution
The settlers camp near Turtle Bayou and draft a resolution while waiting for John Austin to return with a cannon. Pledge loyalty to Mexico and support for Santa Anna. Mexican official from Nacogdoches learns of the trouble and releases Travis and dismisses Bradburn.

10 Convention of 1832 56 delegates met in San Felipe in Oct to draft resolutions. Pledged support for Constitution of 1824 and asked for immigration from U.S. and repeal of custom duties. Also, requested protection from Indians and public schools. Finally, asked that the state of Coahuila y Tejas be divided so each have own government. However, the resolution was refused by Mexico

11 Convention of 1833 April 1, 1833, delegates met to draft same proposals but also drafted a constitution for the new Mexican state of Texas. Many took this as defiance of government.

12 Austin Arrested July 1833, SFA took resolutions to Mexico City.
After waiting for response, sent letter to delegates to create own Texas government under Mexican union. Santa Anna agreed to many of Texans resolutions (except separate state). When returning, Austin arrested and accused of treason after Mexicans discover letter he wrote.

13 Is War in the Future? The Adams-Onis Treaty made it illegal for Americans to settle west of the Texas/Louisiana boundary. This upset many Americans because they felt is denied them the right to move west to seek their destinies (Manifest Destiny) At this point, the tensions between Anglos and Spaniards in Texas are beginning to rise. Texas settlers are angry and no resolution is in sight…Is war in the future for Texas?

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