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Hematology Laboratory 1 2/4/14

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1 Hematology Laboratory 1 2/4/14
Examination of the Peripheral Smear Intro to Bone Marrow Morphology


3 Neutrophil


5 Eosinophil


7 Lymphocyte


9 Band (young neutrophil)


11 Monocyte


13 Neutrophil Basophil


15 Eosinophil


17 Large granular lymphocyte (LGL)


19 Monocyte

20 (bone marrow aspirate)

21 Megakaryocyte (bone marrow aspirate)

22 (bone marrow aspirate)

23 Immature myeloid (young myelocyte) (bone marrow aspirate)

24 (bone marrow aspirate)

25 (bone marrow aspirate)
Plasma Cell (bone marrow aspirate)


27 Reactive Lymphocyte (sometimes called “atypical lymph”)

28 (bone marrow aspirate)

29 Immature Myeloid (metamyelocyte) (bone marrow aspirate)

30 (bone marrow aspirate)

31 Immature erythroids (proerythroblast and a more mature form) (bone marrow aspirate)

32 (bone marrow aspirate)

33 Immature myeloid (myelocyte) (bone marrow aspirate)

34 (peripheral blood smear – an abnormal finding)

35 Nucleated RBC (late erythroid) (peripheral blood smear – an abnormal finding)

36 (bone marrow aspirate)

37 Immature erythroids (later stages) (bone marrow aspirate)

38 Can you identify these 4 intact marrow cells?

39 Immature Myeloid (myelocyte) The cell marked X has been artifactually crushed and is not identifiable Immature Myeloid (metamyelocyte) Band X Very immature Myeloid (myeloblast)

40 How many cells can you identify in this bone marrow aspirate?

41 IM PC E L L L = lymphocyte E = immature erythroid IM = immature myeloid PC = plasma cell (these are not the most obvious and could also be called lymphoplasmacytoid lymphocytes) PLT = platelet ? = this is a stripped or naked nucleus; it is hard to know what kind of cell it was and is ignored in the marrow differential PMN E ? E IM PC E PLT E IM E

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