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Vocabulary Practice Unit i.

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1 Vocabulary Practice Unit i

2 Complete the sentence Winter _____________ should be warm and cozy while summer attire should be cool and light. Compress Dispatch Apparel Oafs

3 C. apparel

4 Complete the sentence The editor ______________ my rambling 10-page mystery into a 5-page thriller. Denounced Compressed Doused Libeled

5 b. compressed

6 Complete the sentence Most computer software is designed so that users can obtain almost ___________ responses. Instantaneous Inept Receded compressed

7 Instantaneous

8 What is the best antonym for the word underlined below.
My parents had misgivings about my going to the senior prom with Ralph. Worry Hesitation Doubt Assurance

9 d. Assurance

10 What is the best synonym for the underlined word.
We will dispatch a repair crew to fix your electricity right away. Recall Withhold Send resend

11 C. send

12 Choose the Best Antonym for the underlined word.
An instantaneous decision Unreasonable Expected Honest delayed

13 d. delayed

14 Choose the best Antonym for the underlined word.
He had misgivings about donating to the charity. Misunderstandings Caution Reluctance Assurance

15 d. Assurance

16 Choose the best antonym for the underlined word
I noticed his inept moves on the dance floor and knew he couldn’t dance. Skillful Bumbling Indifferent uncaring

17 a. Skillful

18 Choose the Best antonym for the underlined word.
I have concerns about the immense amount of homework that you were given. Global Small Unexpected Imaginary

19 b. small

20 Choose the best synonym for the underlined word.
He forgot to douse the coals after he finished cooking his steak. Identify Soak Inquire inspect

21 b. soak

22 Choose the best synonym for the underlined word.
The army prepared to besiege the village. Warn Supply Honor encircle

23 d. encircle

24 Which word fits the definition.
Totally without skill or appropriateness Immense Gainful Famished inept

25 d. inept

26 Which word fits the definition.
A big, clumsy, slow individual Misgiving Dispatch Repast oaf

27 d. oaf

28 definition To write or publish a statement that falsely harms the reputation of the person about whom it is made Douse Libel Besiege apparel

29 b. libel

30 Fill in the blank The author had to work hard to _______ the wisdom of a lifetime into his half-hour speech. Libel Recede Forsake compress

31 d. compress

32 Fill in the blank Every day when he arrived home from school, the healthy boy announced that he was _______________. Famished Gainful Inept instantaneous

33 a. famished

34 Fill in the blank Furniture makers sometimes like to construct _________ secret drawers in their pieces, some of which are so cleverly hidden that the owners never know they exist. Ingenious Inept Instantaneous gainful

35 a. ingenious

36 Fill in the blank During the dramatic ending of the play, the hero stands up, points his finger at the butler, and ___________ him as the real mastermind behind the crime. Forsakes Irks Recedes denounces

37 d. denounces

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